Are lot lizards still a thing

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I haven’t seen lot lizards in a while but I only run Texas,Louisiana,Mississippi. Are they still out there or do they just advertise on social media instead of knock on doors. I don’t have Facebook or Twitter or any of that but have heard that sort of thing is advertised there.


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I remember in the 90s you could drive by certain truck stops in Dallas and hear the girls advertise on the cb. Guess that’s a bygone era now.

Lot lizards learned pretty quickly that there aren’t any CB’s in most of the trucks.


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Tinder, tiktok, tumblr etc are all places for it among others.

Craigslist had their casual encounters until they took it down to help fight trafficking. Tumblr banned a lot of activities as well for the same reason.

People will figure out ways to get their fix.



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Tinder would probably be better.

You could always try Match as well.

Then there’s Plentyofish and adult friend finder that are a bit more open about their purposes.

Or just put a sign out front saying yer lookin’ for a Hoe.
Those are actual hook up apps.

Other than that there's a lot of out the ass talking in this thread.

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I was reading the advertising board or whatever it's called at Hoods the other day. Couple of dem ads seemed perty sketchy to me.....I mean why I want my truck detailed by sexy Bertha or whatever her handle was

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