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For Trucker Buddy Brenda Meacham, the best birthday present of all is the gift of giving. In 2006, she surprised her class with bicycles on March 24, her birthday. In 2007, Meacham gave her class laptops. Not a woman of means, this feisty truck driver knows how to reach out to family, friends and employers, seeking their assistance with fulfilling dreams and needs for children.

"I am just the cheerleader," she said modestly of her endeavors.

Indeed, this is an inspiring story of a modern-day tale of Aladdin. When a 9-year-old in her 2005-06 Latham Elementary Trucker Buddy class wished for all people to have a house to live in, this genie in Trucker Buddy disguise raised money in his honor for Habitat for Humanity. Other Trucker Buddies, family and friends, co-workers and even people Meacham barely knew contributed money for Habitat for Humanity as well as to the school supplies fund. Bob Mazurek, owner of Carolina Southern, donated the money for the rest of the students' wishes.

In recognition of her efforts as a Trucker Buddy and as an ambassador for the trucking industry, Meacham was named the ACS MultiMedia Trucker Buddy Driver of the Month for April. Yet, it was by far not just the gifts that earned Meacham this honor.

She has been nominated twice by her teachers at the Winston-Salem, N.C., school. In 2006, second-grade teacher Lillian Wilson wrote a glowing recommendation, "She has been very involved. She talks to them about being helpers in their homes and in the communities. Brenda is just an all around nice person. We love her here at Latham Elementary."

Earlier this year, her current teacher Ms. Jenkins nominated her again on behalf of her fifth graders. This class of 35 worked hard on projects through the Trucker Buddy pen-pal program, said Meacham, explaining that they had to write essays about making America better. As a reward, Meacham again championed the cause, and she and Carolina Southern made the laptops possible.

Meacham, a Trucker Buddy since 2004, has generated an enormous amount of positive publicity through her endeavors, hitting the headlines of most of the industry publications as well as the North Carolina news media and even Women's World magazine. In the process, she has helped expose thousands of people to a very positive image of our industry, while also making a positive impact on the lives of many children.

Read More about Brenda Meacham, April Trucker Buddy Of The Month, at truckerbuddy.org

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