April 23 boycott for American truckers

As part of the Hold Their Feet to the Fire events occurring across America on April 21-23 I encourage all American truckers to take part on April 23 to boycott the plan to give trucker jobs to Mexican drivers. As part of the NAU Bush intends to open all of America to Mexican trucks. True Americans are asking American truckers to ring the Capitols beltway bumper-to-bumper, three wide, nose-to-tail. Park 'em for one hour.
Thousands of American truckers have committed to take part in a nation-wide effort to stop the process of displacing American truckers from their jobs. Bush and Congress need to know that Americans know who the real lifeblood and backbone of this country is! That is the American truckers. America has been sold out by our elected officials and truckers are next on the list.
Got curious about this and did some searching this morning. Not sure how effective it will be, but this looks like the most organized movement that I have seen in quite some time.

Did a quick google search and this information is plastered everywhere. I hope if it happens, that it does some good and can be carried out in a peaceful manner. We don't need events like 1973 happening again.
There is actually more than one thing going on at this time. There is the one mentioned above, which is a shutdown around the Capitol, and there is another one going on down on the border states around Mexico as well. Haven't checked much closer, but there may be more.

Generally, these things never develop, but I would have to say this one has more potential to develop than anything I have seen in a while.
I doubt this will develop, but it would be nice if it did. I am sure that the big trucking companies are already scaring their drivers from participating.

I won't be on the road during this time.
Going to be hard for a company driver to do this, especially if there company knows about it and sends out a warning over the qualcomm telling them they could lose their job over it. Sometimes, standing up for something is worth the risks involved though.
So, you guys hearing much about this now that the time is getting very close? The weekend for this is this weekend. Doesn't look like I will be anywhere near the area as I am going to be home this weekend, so if you are around it, be sure to let us know how it turned out.
For those that don't know, the organization that is leading the protest in Washington DC is calld F.A.I.R.

They have formally announced that they do not support this "truck out" that is being organized and they do not want their name associated with it. They say they support the truckers and sympathize with their issues, but they do not support any sort of highway blockade.

Makes sense to me. Nothing wrong with protesting as long as you do it in a legal manner. There is nothing legal at all about this "truck out". I hope the trucking industry doesn't get another mark against it by the public over this if it does develop into anything.
so basically it mights as well be said that we are shutting down April 1- May 8th because there are dates out that extent from April to May
so basically it mights as well be said that we are shutting down April 1- May 8th because there are dates out that extent from April to May

uh..........you need to check the date of THE LAST POST.....(04-19-2007)

we are into 2008.................

you were bringing up LAST YEARS threads...............
I see alot of people and orginazations saying that a strike or blockade will only hurt us. That they don't support that kind of action. What happened to the American backbone ? How come it's okay for our Gov't. to put a blockade on a country interfering with our special interests, but we aren't supposed to rock the boat, even though so many of us are suffering ?

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