Anyone got any anti-idling ideas, NOT APUs. Mor do it URself?


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I understand a lot of you guys might be running with APUs and thats great. I just can't see spending $7-$9000 for one, my car isn't worth that much! Some guys swear by them, others say in the long run the maintence makes them not worth it.

I was thinking of buying an RV generator, or even a little honda (have you heard the little hondas? Quiet!) and a small A/C. Now the problems with that are: its gas, and I really don't want to cut a hole in the back of the truck for the A/C. I've been trying to find a small AC system like maybe a car retrofit system or a system for a tractor. Then you could do something easy. Then of course theres the whole AC vs. DC thing...

Somebody out there must be doing something without spending 9 grand. Ideas???

While on the subject, anyone heard anything about the cool blue truck device thingy (its by webasto I think) Anyway, it stores energy and gives you 10 hours of AC. No additional batteries needed and NO other engine what so ever. Sounds interesting and its only like $2400 or $3000. Something like that, a lot cheaper than an APU if it works! (But does it work?)


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the only thing i know of that Webasto makes is, fuel-fired heaters. and they DO work. turn it up more than 1/2 way and it'll chase you out of the truck within the hour. they use a combination of diesel and 12 volt electricity on your normal batteries. but, you'll definitely wanna get up in 6-8 hours and start your truck to charge em back up.
I've seen small a/c wall units hanging out the passenger's window. if you don't mind adding extra batteries, get some yellow-top Optima batteries, a big inverter, and wire in a battery isolator. that way, you use the extra batteries w/o touching the truck batteries. flip the switch, start your truck, and harge em back up. Optima yellow tops are deep cycle batteries, so they're designed to be run down and they have a slower drain rate than normal batteries.


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Something to think about, If you want to spend the time and money, it has been proven in court. The law says it is against the law to idle, well so is operating a motor vehicle without the proper equipment installed by the factory to include a heater and air conditioner to ensure a comfortable environment for a driver to take his mandatory rest that will not be interrupting or compromising his or her health due to adverse weather conditions. State law cannot preempt federal law in any way when it comes to the transportation of commerce. Read your books federal code 49. If you have a apu installed and the installation did not come with an alterers identification label stating the changes made were after the sale of the vehicle. The vehicle is now illegal according to federal law. Been there - done it and won. Civil suits followed and also won in our favor for large settlement. Local police can only enforce traffic violations, State police can enforce traffic and vehicle safety violations. Federal police can enforce vehicle safety and compliance of commerce.