Anyone been attacked or robbed at a stop?


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hey, my girlfriend asked me about this. Never seen someone talk about it but anyone ever get messed with at a stop or robbed? Do some of the truck stops have some kind of patrol or security? Or do we truckers take care of our own.... I'd think we would all keep an eye out for suspecious behaivor like I don't know, someone pulling laptops and shit out of someones cab or trailer huh...
truckstops are not totally safe, that's for sure. That said, I have never been attacked or robbed at a truck stop. Well, unless you want to count the ridiculous prices they charge for things as being robbed, LOL.
never had a problem at any truckstop ever. i have never felt uncomfortable at anytime but i say that is because i dont put myself in any situation i cant handle. just be aware of your surroudings and trust your gut instinct.
When I was able to go on the road with hubby I would just take out "little' rotty and usually everyone dodged me LOL

Just for the wives/gf's and female ride alongs that go on the road with the better halves I have found it is easier just to carry a company t-shirt in the truck LOL don't matter if you are associated with them or not. But it helps determine whether you are a bunk bunny or not. Also I don't talk to people in T/S whether they speak to me or not I just keep walking. Keeps trouble down and me out of situations. I have never been propositioned by a driver it was actually someone driving a car.
As far as attacks or being robbed nopers. I'm sure it happens though.
Don't carry a purse either. Carry what money you need in your front pants pocket and never ever keep money in a purse or wallet that can be snatched. I don't even keep my check cards and things in my purse.
I got robbed not at a truck stop though. it was about ten years
Ago in new jersey a couple of crack heads offering help getting
To a shipper i soon found out what they really wanted.
So beware of street helpers.

WELL MY FRIEND SAD TO SAY IT DOES HAPPEN i have seven drivers that are no longer with us they were shot to death now at a truck stop but at rest areas. a perticular danger is a rest stop not a rest area it just a big place to pull off the interstate. its located just west of the junction of interstate 10 and 20 west bound now if you stop there be very cautious 4 have died there and an attemp was made to rob me but im always armed and i shot back I WON and lukily i was not charged the wanna be robber did not make it , now that was several years ago and you can bet its only gotten worse so it does happen most of the truck stop incidents happen on the east cost i never go there i dont go north of north carlalina im alwas westerly bound i go as far as AZ and thats about it .
you have to be carefull where you stop at all times and be aware f your surroundings always now days you never no.
now there is a million different opinions on this and i have my own, i always carry a gun in my truck im not going to give up what i worked hard for but as far as that is concearned to each his own but you got to remember there are a lot of strange people out there .

Someone needs to work on their sarcasm techniques...:biglaugh:


(sorry guys...couldn't resist)
I punched a guy at a Truck Stop once. Really though I haven't had many problems. I have seen stuff no doubt but most of the time truck stops are no big deal.

OMGosh, now that's a scary story Mr. JR. I can't imagine having a shoot out with someone..

well it wasent really a shoot out only one shot was fired and it was over, took longer to get thrue with the cops then anything else, thankfully it dosent happen often those that try to rob you depend on the fact that most people are scared and just give up and give them what they want , I DONT i didnt grow up that way i dont hide and i damn sure dont run i have certain values that i live buy and thats all there is to it , i dont give up i help those i can and i dont run from trouble , it will almost always follow you. stay safe J.R. HORTON

never had a problem at any truckstop ever. i have never felt uncomfortable at anytime but i say that is because i dont put myself in any situation i cant handle. just be aware of your surroudings and trust your gut instinct.

GOOD ANSWER GAL: you got to be aware of things around you , if you are aware yo can almost always avoid problems.-----J.R. HORTON

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