Any Job


In God We Trust
if you could have any job and do anything in your life waht would it be. Mine definitly wouldn't be driving a big rig. i want this womans job. hell she could co-host or i could co host don't matter to me. she has the perfect job to me. she travels all over and gets paid to do it.

Samantha Brown - TV Show - Travel Channel


of all the years i have 'traveled"..........i wouldn't ever want a job that "travels"........

the field i should have gotten into is plumbing........

or maybe, electrician.....

or maybe, carpentry....

any job that pays very well, has great benefits and more respectablity than this......:beep:


In God We Trust
buenos dias Pro. it's been a long time. (not long enough.) lol sorry i'm just in a really dickhead mood today. glad to see you around.