another good C/P on a CA. boycott


Here are what I believe are the reasons we as a group need to stand together and boycott California....

1. California has made it easy to boycott then since they have no regard for the

health, and safety of the American truck driver. Their latest example of their total

disregard for the American truck driver is the anti idling laws that go into effect Jan. 1st.

They have told us we cannot stay comfortable in our trucks and have not given us

any alternative, they say just don't idle they don't care if the temp. is -10 or

+110 you are suppose to just sit for your breaks and either freeze or have a heat

stroke. The Max. fine is $1000.00 and possible criminal charges,

[]- eTrucker the min. is $300.00 bucks per day

for protecting your health.


2.In The ports in Ca. []- eTrucker a fee has
to be paid for every container coming out the driver will end up paying one way or

the other and if you do get any freight from the ports plan on having a new truck or

spend tens thousands on upgrading the truck you have

[]- eTrucker and

[]- eTrucker

3. Reefer equipment and APUs. are also targeted with a phased in requirement as of

right now there are no compliant APU.s that will meet the requirements set forth by


4. there is many other things the want done to the trucks and it will break most

O/os and a lot of companies to comply with their demands,


5. There is so much that California does to show how anti Trucking they are that

its gotten to the point that a lot of people have already quit going to California

so in a way there is already a Boycott started.


For starters it will show not only California, but the whole country that the

trucking community while willing to take a lot, does have a point that if crossed

will not be tolerated.

All truckers and anyone standing with the trucking community should write and

express their displeasure over the threat to our safety, here is the addy for CARB

[you]Board Comments Submittal Form should
also write your congressional reps. and let them know how this will effect your

safety and the safety of the motoring public.

Once the Boycott starts to grow and it effects the economy of California it will

bring pressure to bear on them from their citizens to work it out with the trucking

community to keep the price of living there from going out of sight.

Remember the public in California does have a limit on how much they will take the

threw out a governor there just a few years back.

As Far as the rest of the country goes don't think for one second that they are

not watching what is going on in California and if they get away with it, it will

embolden other states to follow suit, so in a way this is a test to see how far they

can go with the trucking community.

There is the added benefit that some of the other issues will inevitably be

brought into the discussion, once we have established that we can come together, it

will give the large companies and governments something to think about when they

come up with unfair rules,regulations, even the corrupt ways we are cheated out of

what we are worth.

For starters HONOR the Boycott, for Owner/operators it will be easy, just say no,

for company drivers it will be a little harder but not impossible, if you are not

under forced dispatch then just say no, if you are under forced dispatch ask your

company how they are going to ensure you are going to be able to rest in the heat or

cold so that you are able to drive safely, are they going to pay the motel bill, or

idle air bill if it is available, [good luck finding one] if they are not going to

pay for your safety and fitness to drive safely then you as a Driver are responsible

to say no if you didn't get enough rest to drive safely, if your company still

insists then Call FMCSA and inform them that your company is forcing you to do

something unsafe. Remember there are laws against retribution from your Company for

doing what is right and I would imagine that the lawsuit you would win will make it

so you wouldn't have to drive or work for that matter, enjoy your retirement.

While you are at it you might talk with your company about honoring the boycott

as is going to cost them a fortune to comply with what they are doing.

Another important thing every trucker and interested person can do is "SPREAD THE

WORD" tell everyone you come into contact with about the BOYCOTT and ask them to

join us in helping ALL driver, post on all the sites you visit and not just once but

constantly, remember unlike a call for a strike with a set date, this is a marathon

not a sprint it will grow and grow if everyone just keeps together and spreads the

word, until it reaches critical mass.

In summery we are all professional drivers that are facing a critical problem

that is going to effect out health and safety, also it cannot do anything but hurt
our already dwindling incomes, we need to stand together and get this fixed.

For you nay sayers and the "it won't work because crowd" remember the American

Drivers did it in the "70s" and the Italian drivers did it just a few weeks ago, the

French have done it several time also the poles, Right now the Maine logging

truckers are negotiating with the state over high fuel prices and low rates.

Recently the port drivers in several states have banded together and won

concessions by doing so. There are a lot of examples of truckers banding together

and taking care of business so the "it can't be done crowd" are out of touch with


When it is all said and done, sooner or later we are going to have to do

something to show the rest of the country that the trucking spirit is still alive

and we are willing to band together if needed to keep this business of trucking
alive and profitable for all of us. And what better way than with a boycott of the

most Anti trucking state there is! And it also avoids a full blown strike and the
damage it would cause to this great Country.
The notice on enforcement of the anti-idle law seems to have actually got truckers taking notice more than any issue I have seen regarding the trucking industry. It is putting a strain on the larger companies who are unable to simply avoid California at the risk of losing huge customer accounts, and they are scrambling to look for a solution to satisfy drivers who are being very vocal about the issue.

For the first time, I think California managed to do something that the large trucking companies are not going to be able to just quietly accept. Turnover is bad enough now, and companies that are forcing drivers into California and leaving them in the State during their 10 hour breaks will be facing an even larger turnover rate.

Some companies are trying to schedule delivery times and pickup times to get drivers into and out of the state without running out of hours, but not having much luck successfully doing this.
I do hope that something puts a fire under someone's azz, no Lousiville is trying to enact idling laws.
this is going to get real ugly real fast.
Well said. Good points about raising safety concerns if threatened. I've done it with G.E.
They had to have a nationwide safety standown last year as a result.
Are the rest of you going to let them push you around???

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