American Eagle SSB CBers Club


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If you DX on 38LSB you may have heard members of the American Eagle SSB CBers Club on the frequency using an American Eagle call sign.

If you are interested in joining the club and being assigned a club call sign you may do so by filling out a 4 question form at Index of / .

We have an official website at Æ • American Eagle SSB CBers Club - Citizens Band Radio Club - CB Radio Club and an official Facebook page at . We are also on Twitter at American Eagle SSB CBers Club (@AmericanEagleCB) on Twitter .


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Ok. Two questions

What’s “DX”?

What is “sideband”?
DX is also known as shooting skip. It is when you speak to other radio operators long distance through bouncing your radio signal off of the earth’s ionosphere when it is sufficiently charged from solar radiation.

Sideband is another transmitting method just like AM/FM. If a cb radio is equipped with it your radio can transmit much farther locally.

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