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All-Electric-Refrigeration-Truck Debuts at the Worldwide Food Expo


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Worldwide Food Expo '07

EL SEGUNDO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aura Systems, Inc. (Pink Sheets:AUSI) announced today that the AuraGen mobile power system would be exhibited in the Worldwide Food Expo on a number of Isuzu supplied mid size refrigeration trucks.

Worldwide Food Expo is the premier showcase of processing, packaging, equipment, ingredients and services for the global food industry. Worldwide Food Expo ‘07 will be held October 24-27, 2007, at McCormick Place in Chicago, Ill. The biennial event attracts 25,000 industry leaders from 100 countries.

Historically, the industry relied on refrigeration trucks that use a separate diesel engine to drive the compressor. The extra engine adds significant cost of fuel and maintenance to the daily operations of the fleet owners.

The AuraGen power system is designed to handle very large power surges required to start the compressors and thereafter, provides only the power demanded by the running system. The AuraGen is the ideal solution to this industry, which eliminates the extra diesel engine all together.

Mr. Joe Dickman, Emerald’s president said, “We are now launching an all electric refrigeration system for medium duty trucks, the Oasis, which is revolutionizing the industry. With the cost of diesel fuel around $3.00 a gallon the Oasis all electric refrigeration system powered by the AuraGen can easily save the user over $250 in fuel costs per month per vehicle. To learn more about this incredible new product please come by our booth 6133 South at the WFE or visit us online at Global Refrigeration Systems | All-Electric Transport Refrigeration Solutions.

Mel Gagerman, Aura’s CEO stated, “We are excited that the AuraGen is the enabling technology that provides the means for the mid size refrigeration trucking industry to switch from the traditional diesel genset to the all-electric system. With our recently announced bank financing program, even the small fleet owner will be able to afford this transition, save money every month, and at the same time help the environment. The refrigeration truck is one of many applications for mobile power in trucking and we expect soon to introduce the AuraGen to a number of other trucking related applications.”

For more information see the Company’s website The AuraGen & Viper.
Damn cool. No pun intended. I hate restarting a reefer after someone let it run out of fuel.
It is amazing what they are coming out with. Things just keep progressing and getting better and better. No diesel costs at all? Just think if they hook the roof up in some way with solar panels and air scoops that catch the wind as you drive to spin mini blades and generate power.

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