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I'm stuck outside a truck right now because I failed my haz mat endorsement, so I looked online for some study guides and found myself in a sea of what appeared to be every Tom, Dick, and Harry trying to make a quick buck on unsuspecting newbie. Price for a kit seems to start at 40 dollars and sky rocket from there. Has anyone tried this? Barnes and Noble seems to sell some legitamate study guides but show no promise of update as laws do. Are any online services worth the price? Has anyone seen a program that that covers California laws as well as many other states, along federal regulations? I'm not looking for the answers to the test but a way to eliminate this problem for a lifetime.:beep:
I don't know where to find a good study guide as I don't have hazmat endorsement, but I would like to know as well because if I can get hazmats, I could broaden my earning opportunities.
it's hard to find good study guides for it. but i got your answer. i went thru this same thing awhile back. go to a driving school and get one from them. brib them if you have to. money talks. best thing is they have the exact same questions/answers as the testing facility. or if you can find someone going thru training at a big company and they have it also. i wish i would have kept mine as i would gladly share it with you all.
Our company supplies the guides and updates for people wanting to take the test for free. You just have to work here. and that is mostly for free also. :(

I live in MO. and I just went to the DMV and they had a study guide there. read it one afternoon and took the test and passed. The thing that was interesting was if I did't know the answer I could skip the question thinking it would come at the end of the test but they didn't it just whent to another question. was yours written or computer generated
when i took it , it was computer generated. i have to update my cdl here in PA. in the next 30 days for my job (accorrding to the letter i got in the mail) i'm gonna lose my hazmat endorsement when i do. i don't need it, use it or by law can have it. it's an overrated endoresment anyways, just a way for the state to make a few dollars off people.
Most companies will provide this information to their drivers at no charge. If you work for a company, have you checked with them? Otherwise, maybe you could pretend to want to work for a company and they might help you out :)
:banana1:Thanks for all the help, I get back in the seat Tuesday. I didn't know there would be interest with drivers studying to get it thier first time, if I find what I'm looking for I'll post what I find. After my second failure I did an internet search for "free cdl test", downloaded all the answers I could find and read them until I was blue in the face, then went down and took the test. I also did read the state provided information and took a lot of notes. I only missed one question and was still mad because I did all of that work to prepare for it.
congratulations on passing the test. if you find/have in info to help others pass this test it would be nice of you to post it to help them out.
when they went from the chauffeurs license to the CDL the government handed out both the questions and the answers and as of 6 years ago it was still valid, I would have posted them here except the idiot [my nephew] lost the damn things and it had it all I still haven't forgiven him, I know there are still some of them floating around out there anyone have a copy???
most if not all states provide free of charge, the booklet needed for taking the hazmat test. in my state, its only 30 questions, and you need to get 27 of them right..............

i hope you got fingerprinted as well..................
Wouldn't the DMV has information on that, or ever the company that you drive for? I hope that you will be able to find the information that you need.

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