A newscast FINALLY adressing the brokers and FSC!!!


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Interesting. It seems that these folks are actually starting to understand there is more to this than just fuel prices.


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We contacted O'Reilley last night with a lengthy e-mail, haven't heard back yet. He was also contacted the day of the strike with a mass e-mail including the flyer. Maybe if a bunch of us e-mail him, he'll know it's not just one rebel.


I just sent a friendly message to my assemblymen, senator, and that jerk of a governor David 'Patsy' Patterson letting them know it is taking place in their backyard as well and they better get on the stick fore the public starts to wonder why there are bare spots on the shelves suddenly.
I just sent the link and a request to my local newspaper to publish this story so as to make the public aware of the impending peril they face.

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