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We have added a few basic forums to the site today to get the community started. As the forum begins to take shape, we will add forums, and further organize it to adjust to needs of the members.
If anybody has ideas for specific types of forums they would like to see, post them here.
Truckers Strike

I would like to find out about the truckers strike that is suppose to take place on Jan. 3, 2008. There is suppose to be a website but I cannot find it. thanks
it is on here search jan.3rd thru 8th shutdown,I think will get you there or look at the link showing my posts as I have posted on the subject ,so has Bullwinkle. I don't know why it is so hard to find posts this subject the posts seem to get buried or go away on every site i see it in and there are a lot of sites that it has been posted on.
You might be interested in the boycott California thread I started, it seems to be gaining traction in a lot of the forums I have posted it too and for the most part not a lot of the it won't work because crap you usually hear when talking about shutdowns.

Fyi I am going to be honoring the shutdown call no matter if I am the only one as i truly believe something has to be done and if I am only one of the few at least when things come crashing down as the must in the climate we are working with in the industry I and a few other will be able to tell the winers and criers that are moaning because the lost everything that at least a few of us tried to change things but since the ones crying couldn't see past their next paycheck now they can reap what they sowed

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