A Distraught Mother


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I am Seeking information on the hit and run speeding Tractor Trailer Driver that hit our Plymouth Neon in the rear bumper; this would have damaged his front tire. This hit caused the car to spin out of control and the driver who hit our car fled the scene. Another Tractor Trailer hit our vehicle, killing my daughter instantly (her picture is at the bottom of the page) and giving me multiple severe injuries.

This happened November 21st 2007, the night before Thanksgiving on the N.J. Turnpike, just South of Exist 13 around 9:00 pm. If anyone witnessed any part of the fatal accident and can recall any pertinent information about the Tractor Trailer that first hit our car and escaped, please contact N.J. State Troopers or me at [email protected]

--A distraught Mother


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I am so very sorry to hear about your accident and the loss of your daughter. I know nothing about it other than what you just told us. I wish I could help you bring closure to this tragedy. I hope that anyone who does know anything about it will please get in touch. Take Care & God Bless

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