after reading this you may wish you hadn;t......i am the dhali lama nah nevermind i am jeff been driving about 3 years had my run ins with swift, crst, pgt, priority, john veriha, and now finally rumble where i feel at home ...god thats a lot of companies...anyways my hobbies include worshipping satan....only when i am in kentucky though.....fishing, hunting....and pretty much anything else where i get to kill something. grammar is not my strong note...you will survive..have been banned on other forums many of times gave up on coming back though....this one seems familar lol

there you go cerb happy?


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I see we have an ICP fan. While I don't dig their music, you have to admire the number of albums they sell without any radio or TV play.


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Here I thought it was the beer that made you happy....;)
YES IT DOES or at least thats what i wanna think.

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