5 axle power unit w/ 2 drop axles T660s


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I've stumbled upon an opportunity last week to run 3 T660's with 2 drop axles on the power units. The trucks are 2012 T660s with a total of 5 axles and a wheel base of 305 (I'll include a picture). They currently run grain from the field or farm to local elevators in SD but I will be trying to take them OTR in the coming months. I've received some backlash as to who would install an additional tag, I understand in a lot of situations it's just 2000lbs of dead weight and having enough weight on the steer axle may be a problem. However the trucks run winter roads throughout half of the year and we haven't had too much of a problem navigating the them around corners. Regardless, I am looking for some insight on where to get started, they are still 600hp pulling machines that can get from A to B. Being farm trucks they all have less than 100,000 miles as well. What would be a good industry to look for loads in? Thanks for the help.Inked13438836_10154966112908136_7038476233437744228_n_LI.jpg