2005 Miss Arkansas Is Now A Trucker


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Sherwood - Monday on Channel 7 News Nightside, Anne Pressly will take you on the road with 2005 Miss Arkansas Eudora Mosby-Evans, believed to be the first known state title holder ever to drive a big rig. Here's a preview:

(Miss Arkansas Pageant) "And the new Miss Arkansas 2005...Miss Central Arkansas, Eudora Mosby!"

There she is...and now, there she goes! The onetime beauty queen has gone from the runway to the freeway.

Eudora Mosby-Evans says driving a truck was never part of her life's itinerary, but when she crowned a new Miss Arkansas back in 2006, the UCA grad waved goodbye to pageants, and hello to the real world.

She says she was greeted by a long line of jobs she just didn't like.

(Eudora Mosby-Evans, 2005 Miss Arkansas) "I don't want to be in a cubicle, I don't want to be at a desk all day, I don't want to be standing on my feet all day, I don't want to be at a computer--I had a list of 'I don'ts,' and when he came to me and said 'What about trucking?' and I said, 'Well, we've tried everything else, might as well try trucks, maybe that will be a fit'."

(Larry Evans, Husband) "She was like, 'Sure!' And I was like, 'No, wait, hold up, think about it first'."

Eudora takes turns behind the wheel with her husband, who holds a degree in graphic design. Larry Evans says he was bored selling cars for his family's dealership, when he thought of the trucking idea about a year ago.

That was just months after he and Eudora said "I do."

So far, they've seen 42 states on their extended honeymoon. But as happy as they are, the couple admits there have been some bumps in the road.

(Eudora) "You think you know a person when you live with them. You hope you know them if you marry them. Get in a truck with them. Try that."

Anne Pressly took Eudora up on that challenge. Monday on Nightside, Channel 7 will meet Eudora and Larry along their route in Georgia to see what it's really like out on the open road. Join us for the trip Monday at 10:00 p.m.

KATV Channel 7 - Preview: On the Road with Eudora Mosby-Evans

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