15" LCD TV


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I have this TV, it didn't have component cables for my Wii. I am asking $150 obo, here is a link to the amazon page: [ame="http://www.amazon.com/Magnavox-15MF150V-Flat-Panel-Tuner/dp/B0007V3O32"]http://www.amazon.com/Magnavox-15MF1.../dp/B0007V3O32[/ame]

Shipping maybe possible, I will have to know where its going to, currently I am in Evansdale, IA until tomorrow night. Its a decent TV, I just needed more hook ups for all my stuff. The nice thing about this is, it only requires 25 watts to power up, so it can be ran in a vehicle with a plug in inverter around 100watts. And for those wondering a Wii only requires 18 watts, so they can be ran off the same inverter. It looks good when hooked up to coaxial cable. I think the amazon link has all the specifics.

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