1. Doc Too

    W900 Kenworth manuals and schematics

    I posted parts questions in the Kenworth forum in a thread by KWPartsAndServiceGuy, but go no response. Does anyone know where I can get manuals and schematics for my 2000 W900 without spending an arm and a leg? I am particularly looking for the schematic of the battery/alternator/ammeter...
  2. J

    81 w900a

    Looking for someone with a little knowledge on the w900's. Looking to upgrade to dual air breathers, I know I'll need to either get a hood with cutouts. Or have someone cut my hood. If I have to get a new hood, i was curious on what would be needed to upgrade to an extended hood or if it was...
  3. Samspence

    T600 converted to w900

    Does any one know how to convert a t600 to a w900. Like a list of parts or kits a person needs to buy. I am guessing it's a simple as sliding the front axle forward and a different hood. Then just put the extra parts like air cleaners and fenders and steps on
  4. B

    Speedometer on my 1990 kenworth w900 isn't working. What could be wrong with it?

    Speedometer on my 1990 kenworth w900 isn't working. How can I fix it?
  5. C

    KW w900 wont start after sitting a few days - fuel filter empies

    My 2000 KW w900 will not start after sitting a few days. The fuel filter also looses all of its fuel. I start it by pouring diesel in the top of the filter and then with ether. Any ideas where I should start?
  6. Coronado Kid

    w900 anyone own one

    If someone owns a w900 can you give me the specs of it and tell me how much you might pay in maintenace
  7. B

    2000 kw w900L has stuck abs idiot lite on & no running lites on truck & trailer

    2000 k.w has stuck abs idiot lites on & no running lites on truck & trailer
  8. R

    Black W900

    Whatever happended to Black W 900 who pulled a scateboard?
  9. bryon kilmer

    first truck w900a

    i bought my first truck the other day and need some input from true kw owners... my friend passed away a year ago in a traggic truck accident leaving his personal kw and alot o dept behind... i bought the kw by helping paying some of the old bills for the family... i'm now the owner of an 81 kw...
  10. rigman06

    2000 w900

    So....im looking at buying a 2000 w900 with 8 hundred some thousand on it but it had a complete rebuild around 150 thousand ago. The guy wants 32000 for it, i recently talk to the shop that did all the work on the truck and was told that this truck is in their opinion one of the nice and most...
  11. H

    2000 W900 KW Air Dryer

    Does anyone know where the fuse is for air dryer heater or where it gets its voltage from.
  12. H

    KW W900 sleeper fan ?

    I got a new sleeper panel for my W900 and it came with this fan switch in it: I opened up the wall and low and behold, I found a harness that had a dust cover on it labeled "BUNK FAN". I connected it and the switch lights up in the HIGH position. ...now, does anyone have any idea where...
  13. H

    1999 KW W900 Blower motor...

    Anyone ever replace the blower (fan) motor on a W900? I'm wondering how complicated something like this is and whats involved...
  14. H

    1999 KW W900 Fuse Panel layout schematic?

    Any chance anyone out there has a fuse panel layout diagram? Much of my fuse panel isn't labeled - or just says ACC or BATT and then the AMP size. I have NO power to my BLUE (Center) wire on my tractor outlet towards the trailer and trying to figure out why. Due to this, my trailer ABS is dead...
  15. H

    Anyone ever add parking brakes on a KW W900?

    My 99 W900 was built with only 1 axle of parking brakes and I was considering adding a 2nd axle of parking brakes. In theory this shouldn't be too complicated..a few new maxi-cans and some air lines but I was wondering if anyone on here ever did this?
  16. B

    1985 Kenworth W900B

    Just bought a 1985 Kenworth W900B. As i live in the UK we dont see many of your great trucks over here. I got this as a toy to restore and show. I have a couple of questions. 1 The engine is a Cat and only has a one position engine retard switch on the dash unlike the two position jake brake...
  17. S

    W900B or W900L?

    I have a 94 W900 and I am trying to figure out whether it is a B or a L. Any way to figure this out?
  18. H

    Seeking a KW W900 center instrument dash panel

    I have a 90s style center dash and looking for a replacement one. I need one that has cutouts for speed/tach/pyro and a few idiot lights on the top. I got one from 4 States trucks and while it is perfect, it is the WRONG color. (Olive brown).. I think my color is more of a reddish rust than a...
  19. BluntedElvis

    W900l gauges

    So I have a 2009 W9L with all the gauges backlit white I want to change the color to either blue or red. Now I'm a pretty much hands on guy and not afraid to tackle the job my self just wondering if anyone here has any pics of what it may look like and if you have done this job and how long it...
  20. B

    Visor for a W900L

    I am wanting to put a custom visor on my 2000 900L aerocab. It has the curved windshield. A lot of the visors you see stick out so far from the cab. I would like something that hugs a little closer. Any ideas anyone?