volvo d13

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    Truck Repair Volvo 5th wheel issue

    I just got issued a 2015/16 Volvo D13 and am unable to move the 5th wheel.... It is all the way to the rear of the tractor and causing my air hoses and electrical hose to stretch a little too much I am afraid..... Any ideas on how to make the 5th wheel budge? I’m sorry, but I am a new trucker...
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    Volvo 780 D13 (2013) DEF Issues

    Perhaps someone can help with any suggestions? I'll give you as much info as possible so sorry for the long post (note: if relevant - I have a very heavy load). First, the DEF Fuel Guage cut-out and went to zero. Then it started flicking on and off intermittently. Then I got three fault codes...