1. T

    Simple Planning Software - Is there a need?

    Hey guys, I am in the middle of building some lightweight planning software that would allow an owner operator, or even a small fleet, to accurately track all applicable data needed for a trucking operation. It will track their loaded miles, deadhead miles, and any other miscellaneous mileage...
  2. Trucking is a journey!!! Will we Make it there?

    Trucking is a journey!!! Will we Make it there?

    What we are up to and headed to Illinois to pick up out load
  3. T

    Drivers wanted / Owner Operators needed

    I have work in several different markets in the South ( GA, FL, TX , SC) as well as work throughout the Northeast ( no NYC , Boston ) . We pay on time and wkly and offer plates / insurance and fuel program if need be! If you should have any questions, please reach out at ...
  4. T

    INTERMODAL LOCAL - Owner/Operators & Fleet Drivers

    CDL-A Owner Operator Intermodal Position As one of the best intermodal/drayage carriers in North America, Transnoble Logistics is always eager to grow and expand our team of truck drivers. Our continued growth is credited to our loyal and hard-working drivers. We do our best to ensure that our...
  5. C

    Florida Insurance Help

    To anyone that may be needing help finding insurance in florida, i recently found a good company called berkshire hathaway insurance, right now i'm paying 32,019 for 3 trucks 3 trailers 1 mil and 100k cargo. I saw some posts on people needing some help i figure this information would be useful...
  6. I

    Share your Opinions on Trucking and Food (Take a survey)!

    Hey Driver! I have to start analyzing the data on Monday, so this is a great opportunity to share your opinion. Thanks to statistics, as we collect more responses, we will get a better representation of what Midwestern truck drivers think! Researchers from Indiana State University are...
  7. Spec

    Your opinion: Best websites for finding trucking jobs?

    My name is Brinna, and I work for a company called Spec On The Job. I want to ask all of you drivers out there who are either job hunting now or who are currently working, but still keeping your options open. What websites do you use the most when looking for trucking jobs? The reason I'm...
  8. W

    Trucking school in Western Washington

    Hi All, Can anyone recommend a good school in the Puget Sound area? There's three or four near me, but I have no idea if they're any good. I'm planning on driving local so the majors (Swift, CRE, Etc.) are out. I'm thinking about a career change after 20 years in I.T. Thanks in advance.
  9. gearjammer

    overregulation's and trucking

    found this article and while I don't agree with all of it there is a lot in it that I can agree with;
  10. chldesign18

    Trucking Lifestyle, what are the realities?

    I am a design student in my senior year of college. For my transportation project this semester I am looking to re-design some aspects of the cab, specifically where you sleep. Since I am not familiar with everything that goes in to being a truck driver, I am looking for some direction. I am...
  11. Hennessey

    Trucking documentary... cant remember the name

    Does anyone remember a documentary on one of the lower channels that showed truck drivers being something like "killers" drivers or something like that? i was trying to search for it but i totally cant remember any of the words in the title. It came on cnn, or discovery,,,,,
  12. Emily

    Trucking freight has improved nearly 40 percent since recession

    The Great Recession from about 2007 to 2009 decimated revenues for industries across the globe, including transportation. So how much has improved since then? The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Bureau of Transportation Statistics recently crunched the numbers to answer that question. From...
  13. R

    Thoughts on chargebacks in the trucking industry

    As a carrier/driver/owner-operator, how do you deal with chargebacks (late/early shipments, defective ticketing, missing or invalid “advance ship notices," mispackaging, etc), especially due to unforeseen circumstances (such as traffic, accidents, DOT checks, detainment at a prior stop, etc...
  14. Mike

    Name My Trucking Company!

    It's time for me to brainstorm..... Since I am not equipped with a brain, I need help from the members of TFN :TF2: So, been on the phone today with OOIDA, and depending on how all the numbers add up, I think I will be finally getting my own authority. I need ideas for a name. I want to...
  15. Mike

    The Ugly Side Of Trucking - Murphy's Law In Full Effect This Week

    Some weeks, anything that can go wrong, will indeed go wrong. After a reset, I started out Monday from the house to finish up a load that dropped in the DFW area. Not too bad, but got to the customer, and they decided to purchase another warehouse across town. Ended up having to driver over to...
  16. AZBL

    Considering Trucking, need advice

    I'm looking into getting into the local trucking business. I live in AZ and am actually about to finish up my Bachelors in Criminal Justice from ASU. Was gonna go do seasonal LE work for the NPS, which requires you to do multiple seasons before you are eligible for a permanent position. So...
  17. Emily

    Trucking company fined for illegally hauling cobalt 60 in Puerto Rico

    A Puerto Rico trucking company has been fined $20,000 by a U.S. District Court for hauling radioactive material without the proper permits. The charges carried a possible five years of probation and fines up to $500,000. In April, Fraticelli Trucking Co. pleaded guilty to illegally transporting...
  18. iTrucker - have fun & share it with truckers

    iTrucker - have fun & share it with truckers

    Hi Truck Drivers! We just launched our new site to explore & share the best #trucking #memes. Join us today! Let's build the best collection about real trucking life.
  19. LaneHoney

    Trucker's Xmas Giveaway--LaneHoney

    Hello Truckers, Here at LaneHoney we want to set up a promotional contest. First we would like to know what you men/women value the most on the road. We would love to give our winner a nice hauliday present! Please comment what you think a good trucking gift is. Tires? Clothes? Gift Cards? Let...
  20. B

    Great Company Looking for Good Drivers

    I work for Fraley and Schilling out of Rushville, IN and they are in need of good drivers. F & S is a great company, I've been with them for a little over 2 years. They are good at what they do and the pay is great. I have yet to be paid for something I didn't do and I have yet to not be paid...