1. Billok39

    Leave home at home

    Leave home at home and do your job respectfully!! And you might be surprised how much the personal and Company will put up with if you can only do that much
  2. S

    As Truckers, what would y'all like to see in a truck stop the most?

    In other words, if you were to design your ideal truck stop, how would you design it? What are the key things you look for when choosing where to stop? What would make you want to come back to that truck stop over and over again? Please choose your top 3 most important things in the pole. Along...
  3. LaneHoney

    Trucker's Xmas Giveaway--LaneHoney

    Hello Truckers, Here at LaneHoney we want to set up a promotional contest. First we would like to know what you men/women value the most on the road. We would love to give our winner a nice hauliday present! Please comment what you think a good trucking gift is. Tires? Clothes? Gift Cards? Let...
  4. Gabriel Macmahon

    The Great American Trucking Show

    To begin your free registration, just complete the fields and you’ll be well on your way to the 2016 Great American Trucking Show!* *If you wait to register on-site in Dallas then you’ll have to pay $10. Let us help you save the money and time waiting in line by registering online instead. We’ve...
  5. G


    Hey guys so my father has a 2001 freightliner century detroit 60 with the 10 speed. His truck has no egr system at all. We are in the state of california and you know how its getting hard with emissions on trucks.Any reviews on dpf on trucks such as his or testimonies would be appreciated. He...