truck 'n park

  1. M

    The real Merry Chest is back!

    After some back and forth with different people renting out The Merry Chest Cafe over the years, its now time for the good old days to FINALLY come back! 'The Girls' who have been part of the furniture for 40 years are opening it back up on Monday 20th August! It will be the same as it...
  2. Gabriel Macmahon

    The Great American Trucking Show

    To begin your free registration, just complete the fields and you’ll be well on your way to the 2016 Great American Trucking Show!* *If you wait to register on-site in Dallas then you’ll have to pay $10. Let us help you save the money and time waiting in line by registering online instead. We’ve...
  3. Truck 'N Park

    Truck 'N Park Update

    Truck 'N Park Update The I-95 Corridor Coalition's Truck ‘N Park -- an automated system that advises truckers on the availability of parking spaces for commercial vehicles traveling on Interstate 95 -- has been up and running successfully for several months, and feedback from truckers about the...
  4. Truck 'N Park

    I-95 Truck 'N Park Goes Live Nov. 20, 2015

    Real-Time Truck Parking Space Availability Demonstration System at Two I-95 North Rest Areas Along the I-95 freight corridor, and across the nation, truckers often wander unsuccessfully in search of parking spaces. When they cannot find parking spaces, they frequently park on ramps and...