1. Mike

    Fuel Economy Tracking Fuel Economy - Fitzgerald Glider, 2015 T660, 13 speed, 3.42 rear axle ratio

    Engine built by Fitzgerald, not a factory reman. I started tracking the fuel economy in this truck when it was brand new, my goal at the time was to focus on fuel economy and get the truck up to 9mpg. I managed to track it the first 40k, and had an average of 7.41. This was with no real...
  2. M

    Customers wanting to track me using app

    I have a bunch of new customers that want to track me using their app. They tell me that if I don't allow it, they will send their business to someone else. I guess I'm not completely against it, because in my mind, it provides good level of service to my customers. They also tell me that I...
  3. N

    GPS Freight Tracking Software - Good, Bad, & Ugly

    I am curious about everyone's experience using freight tracking software. Do you have favorite features or bad experiences? I hear bad things about Macropoint however they are still popular but other big ones such as 10-Systems or uDrove by Truckstop I don't hear many encounters about them...
  4. R

    Fleet tracking solutions please...

    Hi all.. I am looking for some fleet tracking solutions for my trucks. While looking for it, I have seen the fleet management solutions of Eaglei GPS. But when I researched more about the fleet tracking solutions I came to know about GLONASS. Does anyone know about this? Is it only used by...
  5. mndriver

    CH Robinson pairing with Macropoint for load tracking

    Just got an email from CH Robinson. Now you can let them track you for free with Macropoint. As if their own load app didn't already do that.
  6. Q

    Fleet Tracking Software

    Hello! My name is Chris Jenkins. My friends and I are launching a fleet tracking software startup and I want your advice. What are the most important features we should include? How much should we charge per vehicle/month? GPS transponder, cell phone tracking, both? I'm looking forward to...
  7. Mike

    PeopleNet first to offer fuel consumption tracking for natural gas trucks

    MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. -- PeopleNet has announced it’s the first and only telematics company to specifically support the natural gas trucking industry, with products available for both CNG and LNG trucks. Its system can deliver engine reporting in diesel equivalent gallons, which allows for easy...
  8. Mike

    Oregon mileage tax raises concerns about tracking, cost

    Truckers are among those paying close attention to a measure in Oregon that would allow certain vehicle owners to opt out of paying the state fuel tax if they agree to having a flat fee levied on each mile they drive. Although the measure does not apply to heavy trucks at this time, truckers are...
  9. Duck

    Big Brother Alert: Windows Media Player 12 is Tracking You

    WARNING: GEEK ZONE All others, I suggest you back out of this thread quietly. Reading this thread could cause fatigue & impair your ability to operate a commercial motor vehicle. I have a playlist with 69 songs on it. I made another one with 6 tracks & I just wanted to add those 6 to the...
  10. 1

    Fleet GPS Tracking Options

    I own a small fleet in central Texas and I'm researching GPS options for our drivers. I came across these guys, GPS Fleet Tracking, and was wondering if you have any experience with them, or with another similar product. Thanks!
  11. kickin chicken

    Hurricane Tracking

    By Jackson Buckley, Contributor / August 22, 2011 On Aug. 22, hurricane Irene swept through Puerto Rico, flooding streets and wrecking foliage on a path that could take it to Florida. The current track has Irene headed toward Haiti, the Bahamas, and possibly Florida and the Carolinas...
  12. Maria

    Networkfleet’s new AT-1400 is battery-powered tracking device for fixed,movable asset

    SAN DIEGO — Networkfleet, a provider of wireless fleet management, has introduced the AT-1400 Asset Tracker, a battery-powered tracking device for fixed and movable assets without a constant source of power. Now property and equipment such as trailers or generators can be tracked along with...
  13. Maria

    USA Truck chooses SkyBitz's GLS trailer tracking technology

    VAN BUREN, Ark., and STERLING, Va. — USA Truck has announced it has chosen SkyBitz for its trailer tracking technology using the Gemini GLS400 mobile terminals plus cargo sensors. The carrier expects the new technology to contribute to more efficient asset utilization across its fleet, improve...
  14. RailroadRIDER

    Jess here - need some advice for tracking options.

    Well to make things short, I own a small shipping company that specializes with in-state shipments and occasional out of state contracts. I built this company from the ground up, now that its expanded to about 10 trucks and 4 cargo vans. I need a way to track them and make sure they are...
  15. E

    GPS tracking for trailers?

    What are the most affordable and dependable options for gps tracking devices on trailers.
  16. bigyellowpete

    FBI tracking Emirates plane to New York

    FBI tracking Emirates plane to New York - World -
  17. G

    Not a driver but interested in trucks and GPS tracking

    I'm a writer for the blog on, a site that researches topics related to GPS tracking and software systems. Keen to know how truckers use GPS to manage their trucks, their driving and their jobs. Or if they actually really dislike GPS and see it as an invasion of privacy. My...
  18. M

    GPS/Fleet tracking software survey

    Just out of curiosity, what GPS system do you use? What are your likes and dislikes and what would you like to see added to it? Also, what fleet tracking software(peoplenet, qualcomm, etc.) does your company use and what are your likes/dislikes about it. I'm looking for features. What do you...