tf 2.0

  1. Mike

    The Truckers Forum Is Looking For A New Members Welcome Team - Care to help?

    What will members of a "welcome team" do? For the most part, it is pretty simple. Our forum gets several new registrations every day. One of the frustrating things to deal with as a forum owner is seeing that the majority of people who do actually register will never post. What's more...
  2. Mike

    TF 2.0 - What It Is

    We have some changes being made to the forum. While it's nothing massive, it is a fundamental change from top to bottom of how the forum operates. The fundamental changes include a revision to the forum rules, the addition of new forum features (which will be slowly rolled out), a new welcome...
  3. Mike

    TF 2.0 - Rules For Social Groups

    Click Here To See The Social Groups All social groups must, at the minimum, follow the rules of the forum. The only exception are political and religious based groups (which may bypass the rule prohibiting political and religious discussion). Group owners may, at their leisure, create...