1. Samspence

    T600 converted to w900

    Does any one know how to convert a t600 to a w900. Like a list of parts or kits a person needs to buy. I am guessing it's a simple as sliding the front axle forward and a different hood. Then just put the extra parts like air cleaners and fenders and steps on
  2. E

    brake light switch 99 t600

    Anybody have a clue where the brake light switch is in a 99 t600?
  3. Coronado Kid

    My 1986 T600

    Hi! I have a 1986 t600 and I need to find a new cummins motor I dont know what it is but I think its a big cam. I also need some new tires and probably a new clutch and transmission but everything else on the truck is good. I am also selling parts if someone needs them
  4. Coronado Kid

    1986 Kenworth T600

    UHH! I have a 1986 Kenworth t600 and I have a few questions about it. The first thing about it has no engine it has been blown and sitting I know I will need tires and probably a new tranny and to clean up the interior but Does anyone know an engine that can fit in it is their any particualar...
  5. O

    t600 or t2000

    hi everyone, going to buy a truck but all i've personally driven are prostars, internationals, volvo's, columbia's, and a really old Pete. the KW's offer me the sleeper size and roof profile i need, so how about cab quality, quietness, etc.. both trucks i'm looking at are equal in gears...
  6. B

    Just purchased a 94 t600 having suspension problems

    Howdy all, I just purchased this truck used and went to hook up to my hay trailer and found the suspension dump doesn't work. When I flip the switch you can hear the air expelling but it never drops. My guess is it is still supplying the suspension when it is not supposed to be. Can anyone point...
  7. Sinister

    Thinking about buying...(t600)

    a used (Melton) T600. They look like decent trucks, with a nice interior, the KW Smartwheel, and decently kept...it looks like... 2007 KENWORTH T600B Conventional Truck w/ Sleeper For Sale At TruckPaper.com The only 2 hang ups I have about these trucks is that 1- the C15 is not the...
  8. TJGoSurf

    T600 vs 379

    These two staples in the industry have been retired this year. The 379's legacy starting in 1987, while the T600 in 1985. Two trucks that started production at nearly the same time, and both ended in the same year. Now my question is which one is more of an icon for the trucking industry? They...