1. R

    Reasons Why Everyone Assumes the Worst About Swift

    I was coming out of Sioux Falls on my way to Texas on Monday. I got down into Nebraska and jumped on Highway 75 south. Rolling along minding my own. Had Liquid Metal on the XM and they was cranking out Slayer " Angel of Death". All of a sudden about 3 truck lengths in front of me a Swift...
  2. Mike

    Swift and Covenant see profits plummet in first quarter, blame too many trucks

    Profits for two trucking operations in the first quarter of the year fell dramatically, both saying they battled a tough pricing environment and excess capacity. Swift Transportation Co. on Monday reported net income fell 83.7% from the same time a year ago to $5.2 million, or from 23 cents per...
  3. Tazz

    Trucking News: Knight-Swift Transportation Holdings Inc

    Truckers Swift and Knight Combine in a Deal Valued Over $5B As part of the deal, announced Monday, each Swift share would be converted into 0.72 share of the new entity through a reverse stock split. Knight shares would be exchanged one-for-one. Swift shareholders would own 54% of the new...
  4. Tazz

    Swift supporting Newbern Truckstop (Mom and Pop)

    Well they will not let them fuel here, or get repairs here........ But they did rent half the lot to make a Swift School:eek: Better than nothing I suppose. Just might hang around in the morning :cool: Nah I am getting the hell out before they start playing bumper cars:stirpot2:
  5. Mike

    SWIFT getting some bad publicity on this

    Semi-truck company involved in hundreds of crashes DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – The Missouri man who died in a semi crash in Preble County Monday has been identified. The Ohio State Highway Patrol said speed may have been a factor in the crash that killed Theodore Stocker, III, 41, whose semi ran into...
  6. midnightrushwatson

    Swift drivers or maybe all idk qualcomm

    I'm trying to figure out how the hour resets work. Can someone dumb it down for me.
  7. midnightrushwatson

    Swift drivers

    Do I have to do a t call if I'm bringing an empty trailer to a location where I'm picking up a loaded trailer?
  8. R

    Swift trying to change image of Starter Company?

    Well I had have took a break from driving to focus on restructuring of my life, So much so Ended up moving thousands of miles to new state. I used to work for Swift for a little over a year before the break in 2015, I been getting the itch to go back to driving so I veiwed some Company's profile...
  9. rickynick1982

    I failed my DOT Pysical with Swift

    what do I do know !!! I failed to read line 5 with my left eye !! swift said I needed to apply for a federal waiver know and it could take up to 9 months to here anything back!! I have 3 kids I cant afford to wait to make money trucking that long can anyone guide me through a quick fix for this...
  10. Tazz

    Swift Adjusts Earnings Report From Lawsuit

    Swift Transportation reversed course after reporting third-quarter earnings were up 4.7% year-over-year to $38 million on Oct. 24, lowering the number to $24 million, or a 34% decline lower than a year ago. The Phoenix-based company wrote in a letter to investors Nov. 1 that pending litigation...
  11. J

    I have specific questions on Swift's lease-op fueling discounts. I think there's something off.

    I'm looking for feedback from current or recent Swift lease-op guys. It's about the fuel discount program. I have sketchy reports that lease-op guys are told there would be a discount at a certain fueling chain (TA/Petro, or another?) but NOT what the exact discount is going to be at any given...
  12. mndriver

    Swift is changing

    Swift CEO Jerry Moyes Stepping Down
  13. Mike

    SWIFT and Werner Seeing Profits Dropping Due To Pricing Pressure

    Werner Enterprises Inc., an Omaha, Neb. based company that operates a fleet of 7,300 trucks, mainly focused on long-haul routes for individual customers, reported after the market closed that net profit fell 43% compared with the second quarter of 2015, to $18.3 million, or 25 cents a share...
  14. Mike

    SWIFT getting a little too close to my house with their latest foul up

    Springdale FD: Fire at a Gas Station Swift be lovin them fires lately ;)
  15. Injun

    Fire at Swift Phoenix Terminal

    Fire destroys semi-trailer cabs at southwest Phoenix facility
  16. Duck

    Damn Swift!

    My uncle Larry is in a hospital somewhere in Wyoming. Swift rear-ended the Prime truck he was driving. o_O Arm in sling, concussion,bruises from seat belt or steering wheel. My aunt is needing to know a couple things... Is Prime responsible for getting him home to Missouri? And who pays for...
  17. Mike

    SWIFT and Crete almost killed me! No joke!

    Ok, maybe a small exaggeration, but I did get a bit nervous a few times going down the hill south of Flagstaff. So, here I am, minding my own business riding the jake brake down these extremely steep and dangerous 4-6 percent grades on I-17. Yes, 4-6 percent grades. Pretty sure the Donner...
  18. Maria

    Swift 'short miles' lawsuit hits 'road block' with decertification ruling

    By Greg Grisolano, Land Line associate editor A lawsuit more than a decade in the making that claims Swift Transportation shorted drivers hundreds of millions of dollars on mileage-based pay is on hold pending the outcome of a motion to appeal a judge’s ruling to decertify the case as a...
  19. N


    My husband, works hard and is honest and a good man, as the next guy. He requested weeks ago to come home this weekend to take our grandchildren trick treating. Well it looks like that's not going to happen. Swift planners, drivers managers what ever you want to call these incompetent...
  20. Mike

    SWIFT - We have too many trucks - Halting fleet growth, may reduce fleet size

    Just seen this news posting on Facebook, and was a bit surprised. I don't really follow stocks of trucking companies, because I would likely never invest into a trucking company, but was a bit surprised to hear that this SWIFT has dropped off this far. My totally non-expert opinion, making...