1. I

    Share your Opinions on Trucking and Food (Take a survey)!

    Hey Driver! I have to start analyzing the data on Monday, so this is a great opportunity to share your opinion. Thanks to statistics, as we collect more responses, we will get a better representation of what Midwestern truck drivers think! Researchers from Indiana State University are...
  2. B

    Truck Drivers, Help Me Graduate! 3Mins!

    Good evening my dearest Owner-Operators! I am a student and I am doing research on Truck Drivers. Me and my team are making a paper on the viable job opportunities in the future for, and the future of truck drivers. New research is NEEDED to complete our paper. Take three minutes or less to...
  3. TruckerGuy201

    Quick Driver Survey

    Hello, Would like to get driver input on this survey. It’s on the driver job application process. It take 2 minutes to complete, totally anonymous, no contact information is required (email is optional). Please got to Driver Survey or Many thanks, Charles
  4. C

    What is the worst part about dealing with shippers and brokers?

    I am trying to identify the biggest headache about working with shippers/brokers. This survey is 12 questions and takes about 4 minutes. If you do not have time just type your biggest problem here. Help find and solve the biggest problem in trucking. Link to survey The Hardest Part About...