shuts down

  1. M

    Brokers, Rates, and Greed, Boycott one broker at a time

    Most brokers are the same, but we have to start the conversation somewhere, so TQL. I don't know what they're teaching their new kid brokers, but it's a problem. I called on a load that the DAT 15 day average was $1100. The TQL broker offered $800. It was like pulling teeth getting him to...
  2. Jay bird 8125

    Cummins ISX starts then shuts off and won't restart

    I have been having intermittent problems and can't seem to find what is going on. I have a 2001 ISX 565 that after running for a while I shut it down do what I have to do and go to restart it, it will start fine and then sound like it runs out of fuel and will not restart. (To restart I have to...
  3. C

    No idle ac keeps shutting down after few(1-2) hours.

    Title pretty much says it all. No idle Ac works fine and blows cold air, depending on the temperature outside it will shut down after about 1(when its hot 90+) to 3hours (<90). When it shuts down, the whole temperature panel in sleeper cuts off as if it has shorted out, then comes back on after...