series 60

  1. Injun

    venerable Series 60...Best engine made?

    This 2015 579 has a weed-burner on it. And SCR. My next truck is an old Columbia, DD S-60 EGR only. Good engine. Reliable.
  2. mndriver

    Exhaust manifold teaser.....

    @Mike @JunkYardDog5958
  3. mndriver

    Series 60 14L DDEC V oil bypass filter install

    Been researching installation of a bypass oil filter. Looked at several different systems; amsoil, ops, spinner and NTZ to name a few. Amsoil was the cheapest. About $350 for a kit. I called my local parts guy up. This is what he found for me. Filter is a 5 micron bypass filter...
  4. H

    Series 60 power

    Hi, Want to let everyone know that I had my 2004 12.7 Detroit tuned by Travis Wakefeild in Effingham Illinois. He is excellent, stands by his product. I sent my ECM to him from Maryland he sent it back, found a bad pin, sent another out , he redid for nothing and sent back no charge. I am...
  5. M

    Detroit Series 60

    I have a '94 KW with the series 60, 450 hp. Only had it a couple of months and the truck doesn't get driven much. I left the CB on and drained the batteries. When I put jumper cables on it (I should mention that I crossed the cables the first time...) I see the dash lights are on, I check...
  6. mndriver

    Fuel Economy Series 60 Fuel Mileage battle.....

    I bought my truck in July 2012. Pretty much been battling a fuel mileage issue since then. 07 Century, 14L EGR Series 60, 13 spd, 3.42 Meritor 14X rearends. Mind you, my mileage isn't horrible, it's 6.2 mpg for an annual average. All miles actual and all fuel counted for the year. My issues...
  7. J

    2006 Series 60 detroit

    I have run the 12.7 series 60 and like the fuel mileage and power ratio. Anybody got info on power,reliability and issues with this engine. Thanks for any info!!!
  8. H

    Detroit Series 60 Thermostat question

    I'm planning on replacing my thermostats on my 99 S60 this weekend and was wondering if anyone had any tips on this project or advice.... Also, here are some photos of my new stats, but I can't figure out how they work since they appear to be WIDE OPEN when cold ?!
  9. J

    Detroit series 60 with oil in turbo

    I had a driver let a motor coach idle for 16 hours on low idle. The engine died and hasn't been able to start since. I had a local mechanic pull the codes. He gets a ( 200 master ECM) and (20 Mater ECM). It scared him away from working on it. It has oil build up dripping from the turbo, most...
  10. R

    Bullydog Power Pup for Detroit Series 60

    I am looking for feedback for the Bullydog Power Pup for Detroit Series 60's. Our company is testing one right now. It looks like it is worth but I would like to get more feedback from other trucks. They are expensive but so is fuel. Any advise would be appreciated, as Bullydog isn't real...
  11. P

    detroit series 60

    I have a 2005 detroit series 60 with 170,miles with a bad head, i can be down for up to 2wks because the castings from detroit were bad.I'm looking for owner/ operators with the same problem.