1. kjt1991

    How much should someone pay for their class A CDL?

    I know it's based on the state you live in, how good the school is, equipment they have, job placement services, etc... but ON AVERAGE what do y'all think is a fair price to pay for getting your license with some endorsements?
  2. scrochedTorToise

    Read this place...after I got the permit from the Premier school...

    Been down on my luck for a while. Best bet I had was with a staffing agency that got me steady work for about 5 months and it's been 3 since they have called back. Took odd jobs where I could get them. Then I get a random message from about a free training school and figured, "why...
  3. E

    Anyone gone through CRST school and is it worth doing

    I'm sure this has been posted before (sorry if it is) but has anyone been through the CRST Trucking School and if so was it worth it? They have "hired" me on (I start school the 23rd) and I've read good and bad things about them. What sayeth you, my new trucker friends? BTW after reading some...
  4. treyzguy

    Questions about SRT

    I'll answer what I can and deny the rest.... Oh, we have our own school now.