schneider national

  1. Mike

    The Ugly Side Of Trucking - Murphy's Law In Full Effect This Week

    Some weeks, anything that can go wrong, will indeed go wrong. After a reset, I started out Monday from the house to finish up a load that dropped in the DFW area. Not too bad, but got to the customer, and they decided to purchase another warehouse across town. Ended up having to driver over to...
  2. orangetrucks

    Q&A: Buying From Schneider Fleet Sales

    Reading up on these forums, there seem to be questions and ambiguity regarding the buying process with Schneider Fleet Sales. We sell used, well-maintained equipment from our fleet. Buying a truck or trailer is a serious purchase, and we want to make it as smooth and simple as possible for you...
  3. Mike

    the qualcomm fiasco - Schneider mechanic in Gary, IN refused to fix

    So, as I ranted about already over the past couple weeks, I spent 6 days with the qualcomm unit down before they finally got it operational. 6 days on paper logs and having to call in with loaded and empty calls like the stone ages as a result, LOL. It Broke...
  4. Mike

    Schneider National Just Changed Their Rules - Time For An Exit Strategy

    Anybody who has tried to lease a truck to Schneider this year has ran into a couple roadblocks. You must have an EPA2010 or newer engine, and you must have a collision mitigation system installed on your truck. The EPA2010 engine requirement kicked in sometime last year, but existing...
  5. Maria

    Judge approves $28 million for drivers in old Schneider case

    By Mark Schremmer, Land Line staff writer A $28 million settlement between Schneider National Carriers and about 6,500 current or former truck drivers in California received final approval from a federal judge on Oct. 13. The class action lawsuit, which alleged drivers weren’t paid...
  6. Maria

    Schneider manager honored with Rising Star award

    GREEN BAY, Wis. — Bridgette Gerl, Schneider Bulk Division safety and training manager, has been honored by the National Safety Council (NSC) with The Rising Stars of Safety Award. The Rising Stars program shines a light on safety-minded individuals who have a proven track record of safety...
  7. Emily

    Schneider’s skills competition recognizes top diesel technicians

    GREEN BAY, Wis. — Behind the wheel of every truck is its driver, yet beneath the hood of every truck is its technician. Technicians are the often unseen — and unsung — heroes without whom trucks wouldn’t run as well or as long. Schneider knows that if trucks stop running, loads can’t be...
  8. Mike

    Schneider shutting down Watkins Shepard facility shortly after buyout

    Watkins & Shepard Trucking learned this week that its new owners are shutting down their Missoula maintenance facility effective immediately, leaving about a dozen people out of work. It comes about a month after it was bought by Schneider trucking out of Green Bay, Wisconsin acquired Watkins...
  9. Mike

    Schneider National Acquires Watkins & Shepard, and Lodeso INC.

    Schneider National announced today that they have acquired Watkins & Shepard and Lodeso INC. With these acquisitions, Schneider National becomes the leading final mile provider of LTL, truckload, and logistics services of home furnishings and over-dimensional goods. Per Schneider National...
  10. J

    Schneider dedicated, JC Penney in Manchester, CT

    About to pull the trigger on this opening that just came up. Description says 'night driving is required'. Anyone know if this is entirely night driving? Thanks
  11. BrazilianNut

    Schneider and diabetes

    Hello there people. Let me tell what happened to me when I went to Schneider's orientation in Houston - TX on March 2016 I received 3 e-mails from them, explaining the rules about the hotel, transportation and physical and drug testing. In one of these e-mails, actually from First Lab, the...
  12. B

    Schneider bulk

    Ok Snyder supposed to be great for Training but in all bulk training videos everybody has facial hair except for one person then they want you to cut yours off
  13. Maria

    Schneider recognized for environmental performance by EPA

    GREEN BAY, Wis. — Start with a fleet traveling a mind-boggling 10 million miles each day. Add a 35-plus-year track record of investing in equipment, processes and technology to run one of the most energy-efficient fleets in the industry. Top it off with being named a six-time EPA SmartWay Awards...
  14. S

    Schneider National

    does anybody know if Schneider national lease purchase is a scam
  15. Mike

    Lease to Landstar or stick with Schneider? Or maybe somewhere else? Decisions Decisions!

    For those of you who have been sleeping under a rock for the past couple months, I am having a new glider built by Fitzgerald. I am currently with Schneider, doing a lease purchase that I will be turning in once my new truck is finished being built. Between now and then, I have a decision to...
  16. Mike

    Schneider has several Gliders for sale if anybody is interested

    If anybody is looking into buying a used Glider, Schneider has several of their 2011 models at many of the terminals for sale. I had no idea that they were even running Gliders until I seen somebody posting their 30 day fuel economy average with the one they recently purchased, which was in...
  17. Injun

    Schneider Got Stoned

    Truck Driver Drags A Massive Rock For Nearly A Mile Before Noticing
  18. Mike

    Landstar Vs. Schneider Choice

    Ok, I know about all I need to know about Schneider Choice at this point. What I am looking for is up to date information from anyone leased to Landstar in the van division. (I would even consider their flatbed divisions considering they offer training, but thinking I will likely stick to...
  19. Danny Jones

    What does Schneider pay?

    I'm currently running a parking lot, but was thinking about putting a driver in this truck, and leasing a second truck on with Schneider. Can anyone give me a ballpark figure on what they pay OO's per mile?
  20. S

    Schneider trucking?

    I'm looking for advice about a job I'm looking at. It's for Schneider trucking hauling family dollar freight. (Or dollar General, what's the difference really) Pay seems to be decent. Anyone know if this a reliable good paying job? Im just worried getting into a new job I won't be happy with...