1. Gregory

    Catching up on all regulations!

    Howdy All, Just a quick question, I wanted to start reading about truck regulations and trucking laws and stuff like that just so I can get a good understanding about the DOT and what they look for .. I have some books from jj keller but its from 2012 I think, is there a website or something...
  2. Gregory

    Any new Regulations with CARB?

    Hello All, Just wanted to check in and see if anybody heard any new Regulations with the CARB? Any extensions on the Filters or anything else that they may have pulled out of there ass in last couple of weeks? Thank you!
  3. Maria

    FMCSA seeks to ease regulatory burden for veterans to obtain CDLs

    As thousands of soldiers return to civilian life, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is seeking to ease the regulatory burden for experienced military truck and bus drivers to obtain their commercial driver’s licenses. In a study released on Friday, Nov. 8, the FMCSA outlined its...
  4. Maria

    House approves bill to require FMCSA regulatory process on apnea

    By Charlie Morasch, Land Line contributing writer The U.S. House of Representatives soundly approved a measure to require the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to go through its formal regulatory process when considering sleep apnea requirements for CDL-holders. In a 405-0 vote, the...
  5. Mike

    New US regulations could leave industry short a million drivers by 2016: FTR Associates

    BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- An incoming regulatory tsunami could leave the American trucking industry in need of a million drivers by 2016, if all the new regulations currently being considered are implemented. That startling assessment was made by Noel Perry, senior consultant with FTR Associates...
  6. Uncle Birchy

    Carb Regulations And Enforcement

    I saw this in trucking industry news but I thought it would not only gain more traction and response here but was also more appropriate placed here " sorry Maria and my deepest apologies" Allegedly California is stepping up enforcement in "border towns" and is trying to "enforcement" of...
  7. Maria

    OOIDA member testifies about high cost of fuel, regulatory burden

    OOIDA Member Chris Milburn told a congressional panel on Wednesday that rising fuel prices, coupled with an ever-increasing regulatory burden, are having an adverse effect on small-business truckers who find it tougher than big carriers to absorb added costs. Milburn, a leased owner-operator...
  8. Maria

    NASTC president: ‘Put brakes on federal regulatory train’

    HENDERSONVILLE, Tenn. — The president of the National Association of Small Trucking Companies says enough is enough. It’s time to put the brakes on the federal regulatory train. “Everyone who has run for political office for the past two decades has promised to reel in the federal bureaucracy...
  9. kickin chicken

    Tired Truckers Versus Efficiency Is Focus of Regulation Fight

    Tired Truckers Versus Efficiency Is Focus of Regulation Fight - Bloomberg
  10. Mike

    Court tosses EOBR regulation on harassment argument

    It took only one of the three arguments raised by the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association for the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit to vacate the electronic on-board recorder regulation. The opinion filed Friday by the court vacated the rule and sent it back to the agency...
  11. Maria

    Regulatory hurdle for diabetic truckers may be thing of the past

    Truckers who properly manage their insulin-dependent diabetes have long faced regulatory hurdles if they wanted to continue driving. But that could all be changing. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is planning to proceed on a rulemaking that would remove the requirement that...
  12. Maria

    OOIDA challenges regulatory inequities built into cross-border trucking proposal

    The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association challenged the DOT’s legal authority to give Mexican motor carriers a free pass from some U.S. regs in comments filed last week. On May 13, OOIDA submitted its official comments to the docket on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s...
  13. H

    regulation & red tape from landline article 5-2011 From the Hill Federal regulations and red tape By U.S. Rep. John J. Duncan Jr., Chairman, House Subcommittee on Highways and Transit The rapid explosion of rules, regulations and red tape that has...
  14. Maria

    OOIDA calls on White House to address fuel, regulatory burden

    Truckers are paying an average of $4.10 for diesel at current prices, and yet truckers are routinely called upon these days to dig even deeper to shoulder the ever-moving target of regulatory burdens. OOIDA has issued a letter urging President Obama to listen to small-business truckers about...
  15. Mike

    ATA, CTA Call to on Government to Abandon Proposed Tanker Wetline Regulation

    The American Trucking Associations and the Canadian Trucking Alliance called on the U.S. Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration to abandon proposed wetline regulations. Wetlines are metal tubes that run along the underbelly of tank trucks used to transfer fuel into and out of...
  16. Maria

    ATA Chairman Windsor calls for 'sensible' hazmat regulations

    ARLINGTON, Va. — American Trucking Associations Chairman Barbara Windsor, president and CEO of Hahn Transportation Inc., told a House panel that changes are needed to the regulations governing hazmat shipments to improve efficiency and relieve unnecessary regulatory burdens. “The safety and...
  17. Maria

    CARB holds ‘one stop’ truck regulation meetings for truckers

    The California Air Resources Board is working with local air quality districts to host “one stop” events to help explain truck regulations already being enforced in the Golden State. The events include regulation updates, financial information, and demonstrations of truck inspections, though no...
  18. Maria

    Truck dealerships host Congressmen to discuss regulatory, legislative challenges

    Advancing the American Truck Dealers' goal to raise awareness of medium- and heavy-duty truck retailing with public policy makers, three truck dealers hosted members of Congress last week to discuss how decisions made by the federal government impact dealership operations, ATD announced...
  19. Flatbedpete

    More Regulations possible by States and Counties or towns if allowed

    ATA Petitions Granted in Challenge of State Credential Requirements November 1, 2010 1:00 PM The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) recently granted three ATA petitions that challenged credential requirements imposed on interstate carriers by New Jersey, New York City, and...
  20. Maria

    NY Supreme Court blocks diesel retrofit regulation

    The New York state Supreme Court recently struck down a controversial regulation that required retrofitting diesel engines of trucks working on government contracts and subcontracts. New York Supreme Court Justice Donald Greenwood ruled Dec. 14 that trucks working for private fleets contracted...