rand mcnally

  1. Mike

    Rand McNally Map Update

    Got bored this evening and updated hooked the GPS up to run a quick update and realized that a map update has been released since I did my previous software update a month or so ago. Just a heads up for anyone that might want to get the latest map update, since this one must have been released...
  2. Rob Sands

    Is Rand McNally really shutting down?

    I keep reading everywhere that the company is in trouble and they're going to go under.
  3. Uncle Birchy

    Volvo Window Sticking & Rand McNally Rant

    Any VOLVO drivers out there.... Do your windows "Stick".... seems they like to stick about 2/3 inches down and ya gotta pull on the glass while pushing the button.....this also happened on another VOLVO a 670 model.... Is there a Simple fix or just a genetic defect...
  4. em1984

    Rand mcnally 530 gps

    I purchased one of these the other day and I'm pretty sure I'm going to return it. It seems to take me down roads I probably shouldn't be on. Doesn't seem to be very user friendly. Or maybe I'm just dumb. Does anyone else use on of these or have a suggestion for a better one?
  5. Mike

    The Truckers Forum December 2015 Competition - Win A New Rand McNally Road Atlas

    Ok, we are going to have a simple competition this month. Top poster wins a new Rand McNally Motor Carriers Atlas. And for this month's competition, all members are eligible. That includes moderators and young folks such as @Coronado Kid If I am the top poster of the month, I am buying...
  6. Mike

    The Truckers Forum October 2015 Competition - Win A Rand McNally Motor Carriers Atlas!

    The Truckers Forum is happy to announce a top poster contest for October 2015. The winner will win a new Rand McNally Motor Carriers Atlas. Two runner ups will win a one year Supporting Membership at our forum. The contest is simple. Make the most posts during the month of October and you will...
  7. Maria

    Rand McNally releases all-new Connect Web portal

    LAS VEGAS — Rand McNally Monday released its all-new Connect web portal, enabling a single point for users to view all of the metrics, features and services connected with Rand McNally’s TND 760 and TPC 7600 mobile fleet management products. The announcement of the release came at the opening...
  8. Jeremy W

    GPS Cobra or Rand McNally?

    I'am thinking about buying a nice GPS. These 2 are highly recommended having a hard time picking one.
  9. H

    2013 Rand McNally MCRA Deluxe Laminated

    A friend asked me if I knew if this is still being produced and it is.... The 2013 version is available for PRE-ORDERS and will ship June 19th. If you use code GREAT20 during checkout, you save 20%, which basically offers 'free' shipping. I'm sure this can be found cheaper elsewhere - BUT if...
  10. K

    Rand mcnally TND 710

    Anyone use the rand McNally tnd 710 trucking gps?
  11. Maria

    Navistar to make Rand McNally GPS unit available on International trucks

    SKOKIE, Ill. — Rand McNally and Navistar have reached an agreement to make Rand McNally’s IntelliRoute TND truck GPS units available as an in-dash option in International trucks starting next year. Navistar manufactures International trucks and will begin offering an in-dash version of the...
  12. 3

    Cobra 5550 Pro vs Rand Mcnally 510 gps

    I need a good gps for doing local deliveries,I want to make my decision between Cobra 5550 Pro vs Rand Mcnally 510,I don't want you to tell me that Google maps or tom tom are better cuz they're not!!! What do you guys think!!!
  13. Uncle Birchy

    Truck GPS Rand Mcnally VS PC MILER

    Have noticed truck gps units have drastically dropped in price last year n a half Been using a CAR Garmin NUVI and MY BETTER JUDGEMENT last few years With more affordable prices larger screens and better display Would Rand Mcnally or PC MILER do me better YES Garmin has truck GPS...
  14. Maria

    Rand McNally introduces next generation of TruckPC

    Rand McNally Sunday introduced significant enhancements to its TruckPC mobile communication system. The announcement came at the annual Truckload Carriers’ Association Annual Convention under way here. TruckPC is a fully compliant electronic on-board recorder (EOBR) that automatically tracks...
  15. A

    Rand Mcnally TND 500 GPS

    Anybody know if the Rand Mcnally 500's have improved? I was thinking about buy one of the 700's but I don't know if I want to pay that much, and I can't find them yet anyway.
  16. Mike

    Rand McNally Enhances IntelliRoute and MileMaker Trucking Software

    Rand McNally today introduced significant additions to its IntelliRoute® and MileMaker® commercial trucking solutions to help carriers and shippers save time and money. These enhancements will provide more flexibility and customization in freight rating and truck routing...