1. W1zard

    International Prostar+ why?

    Why are int'l prostar+ with low miles so cheap? Do they break easy? Is there's something there not telling us?
  2. Maria

    Navistar recalls nearly 4,000 ProStars over faulty fuse terminals

    By Land Line staff Navistar is recalling nearly 4,000 2014-2017 International ProStar trucks, according to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration documents. Affected trucks have an electrical issue with the battery fuse terminals. ProStars manufactured from June 11, 2013, to May 19...
  3. C

    No idle ac keeps shutting down after few(1-2) hours.

    Title pretty much says it all. No idle Ac works fine and blows cold air, depending on the temperature outside it will shut down after about 1(when its hot 90+) to 3hours (<90). When it shuts down, the whole temperature panel in sleeper cuts off as if it has shorted out, then comes back on after...
  4. Southern Fried


    Over the past few months I've driven and worked all 3 of the above. Here's my personal comparison for what it's worth. Mack Pinocle (yes, I know): Old cab design with limited clearances for driver. Intersection between bunk and cab is heavily padded to protect contact with half-awake foreheads...
  5. B

    Air Conditioner blows warm at idle - 2013 International ProStar

    My 2013 pro stars air conditioning does not work when it is idling. Works great any other time, just gets warm when not driving. Any suggestions on what to check or what it may be?
  6. Injun

    ProStar: Fitting Between Air Dryer and D2 Governor

    There's a plastic fitting between these two parts that broke on mine. The part costs roughly $70 and it seems it's a very difficult part to locate. I got to looking at it and thinking... $70 for a little piece of plastic?? Baloney! I looked through the brass fittings bins and found a couple...
  7. Injun

    Retrieving Codes on International ProStar

    Turn the key into the on position without starting the engine. Press both the Cruise On and Cruise Resume buttons at the same time. The dash will light up and codes will appear in the little readout screen in the bottom center of the dash. Scroll through the codes with the mode selection...
  8. A

    2011 International Prostar ISX.... Good truck or bad truck?

    We're on the market in buying a 2011 International Prostar with an ISX in it. The company we're going to buy it from is selling these trucks with only about 340,000 miles. Considering that they usually take their trucks out for sale at around 500,000 miles (we have previously bought trucks with...
  9. Luv2Truck256

    My ProStar

    I really don't have any complaints about my ProStar. It runs great. But... What is annoying the hell out of me is the service shop in Madison AL. My company made arrangements with them two days in advance to address a couple issues and they said they'd have it in the shop Friday morning of if I...
  10. Maria

    ProStar with ISX15 secures 10,000-plus orders for Cummins SCR engines

    LISLE, Ill. — Navistar Inc. today announced they have secured more than 10,000 orders for International Trucks powered by the Cummins ISX15 engine and Cummins SCR aftertreatment system. The announcement comes seven months after the re-introduction of the industry leading truck and engine...
  11. F

    international prostar eagle

    my air brakes keep locking up in cold weather. any suggestions
  12. Gased

    International Prostar and the ISX.... back together?

    ProStar - Semi Truck - Class 8 | International Trucks The LTL company I used to work for stopped buying the Prostar because International insisted on their MaxxForce DT Crap engine. The owner said get bent, I'm buying Kenworth. He started buying the T660s with the ISX15. I wonder if this...
  13. S

    2010 prostar bed size???

    What size mattress do I order, our shop says 42x80 but it measures more like 39 I mising something..The mattress they gave me is crap..I'm 185lbs and sitting here on the edge my legs are touching the frame it's so flimsy..Want to order an Innerspace..any advice would be appreciated..THX:)
  14. Maria

    Navistar showcases ProStar, TransStar at ATA conference

    GRAPEVINE, Texas — As North American truck fleet executives gather at the 2011 American Trucking Associations (ATA) Management Conference & Exhibition, Navistar is showcasing several driver-centric features on two of its most popular models--the International(R) ProStar(R)+ and the International...
  15. snowflake

    Navistar Demonstrates International ProStar+ Liquefied Natural Gas Truck

    LOUISVILLE, KY - At this week's Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, Navistar demonstrated a prototype 2011 International ProStar+ powered by a 13-liter MaxxForce dual fuel engine -- diesel and liquefied natural gas. "Recognizing the abundant supply of natural gas in the United States...
  16. snowflake

    Navistar Lengthens ProStar+ Tractor for New MaxxForce 15 Diesel

    LOUISVILLE, KY -- Navistar International's new MaxxForce 15 diesel, first will reside in a longer version of the ProStar+ aerodynamic tractor, the company announced on the eve of the opening of the 2011 Mid-America Trucking Show. The 15-liter engine, unveiled last week at the ConExpo...
  17. S

    International delivers first ProStar model

    International Truck and Engine Corp. on March 1 presented keys for the first production ProStar to U.S. Foodservice, signifying that delivery of its new flagship and industry-leading aerodynamic class 8 tractor has begun. more