prime inc

  1. V

    Lease Purchase Prime is the best I've found so far. Any better deals?

    I've been going through all of the 0 down walk-away leases. Prime seems to be the best one. I can live with the 65 mph governor. I love 72% of load. Other drivers have told me that 2500 to 3000 miles per week is easy. Does anyone know of a better company for a zero down lease?
  2. SlackEnuf

    Prime Newbie

    Hi All, I'm new to your site as well As new to trucking. I've been a nurse for 20+ years and have always wanted to drive the big rigs. After many of my friends have passed on and many are jobless I decided to go for my dream life's too short and I have no reason not to go for it. I've read many...
  3. SkidMark

    Prime Inc CDL training

    hello, I'm considering the Springfield Missouri prime CDL program. Can anyone tell me if its a good program and also if the pay is decent once you get on the road with the trainer? I'm considering flatbed or tanker.
  4. Maria

    Prime Inc. to pay out $3 million in EEOC dispute

    By Land Line staff A Springfield, Mo.-based trucking company has reached a consent agreement to pay out more than $3 million to a group of women who lost out on job opportunities due to the company’s hiring and training policies. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission instituted a civil...
  5. NomadDreams

    Should I sign with PRIME or SWIFT

    Talked with the wife and she is okay with me driving! Now, I have narrowed it down to two different companies. prime or swift? If I go with prime my training would be in Missouri. If I go with swift, my training would be here at home in Texas. What do you guys know about these companies pros and...
  6. Mike

    Prime Buys 2,500 TrailerTails from ATDynamics

    Prime ordered 2,500 TrailerTail aerodynamic devices from ATDynamics to be installed on its new Utility refrigerated trailers. It is the largest order in ATDynamics company history. “We confirmed TrailerTail fuel efficiency in 2012 at the Goodyear Proving Grounds and have already deployed over...
  7. Maria

    Equipment salesman sentenced for embezzling from Prime Inc.

    By Charlie Morasch, Land Line contributing writer Federal prosecutors say a man used his position as an APU and used truck salesman to solicit finder’s fees, deposits and holds on equipment for trucking customers while keeping nearly a million dollars in cash for himself. The funds were used to...
  8. Rigjockey

    What is the deal with Prime and tires?

    What is the deal with Prime and blown tires? I am not even kidding, On the way back from Maine I counted 5 prime trucks on the shoulder with blown tires. Ok it could be they run heavy, Lots of trucks run heavy. It is not like it was 70-90 degrees out. It was like 35. I fully expect to blow a...
  9. Maria

    OSHA orders New Prime Inc. to pay 'blacklisted' driver more than $100,000

    By Clarissa Hawes, Land Line staff writer The U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration has ordered a Missouri-based trucking company to pay a former driver more than $100,000 after determining the company violated anti-retaliatory provisions of the Surface...
  10. Tazz

    Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher Can't find it but I remember a pic of her and Ronald Reagan on a Martine parade field. We need leaders like them back.
  11. Tominator

    Primes Qualcomm

    At around 1300 cst primes qualcomm system has gone done, it is now 1900 cst and it is still down, cant get anyone to answer phones, has any one heard anything related to this?
  12. J

    OTR trainee w/prime

    Ok, so I'm new to all of this OTR business. I did a lot of research to get into it, find a decent company that gonna look after I'm on the road with a trainer, that sleeps all the time. I mean I seriously expected that we'd get out here, trainer would sit in the passenger seat and give...
  13. Mike

    Prime Inc.'s Robert Low on why driver health must be a priority

    MISSISSAUGA, Ont. -- The only safe driver is a healthy driver. That’s the mantra of Prime Inc. president and founder Rob Low, who spoke at the most recent Driving for Profit seminar. This is more than just lip service at Prime Inc., which has built a 40,000 sq.-ft. Millennium Center that offers...
  14. Denali501


    Need help to choose between those two to work for. Please give me an Idea what should I prepare if I choose one of them to start my driving career for at least one good solid year? I fully understand that no company is perfect. I am looking forward to start my career as a truck driver any...
  15. Terry

    O & S Files Backruptcy Partners with Prime, Inc

    O&S Trucking Files For Bankruptcy, Partners with Prime Inc. - If I were an O&S Driver, I would quit before I'd work for Prime.
  16. Tominator

    Prime aka big brothers little brother

    Ok so this past monday Prime did a change to what they use to monitor us, before hand we have a camera facing forward in all trucks that records hte last 30 minutes of video, we have a forward facing radar that tells us when we get to close to someone, we have sensors that detect if someone is...
  17. R

    central or prime?

    Trying to decide between central or prime. Could use a little advice on this one.
  18. AsphaltRodeo

    Prime Inc: A guide to not getting paid

    My husband worked for Prime twice. The first time he was with a trainer and had to go home about half way through his training. He was told that he had 30 days to get back on the truck before he was terminated. Turns out it was 7 days. My husbands father had a heart attack and I found I was...
  19. Maria

    Prime Plaza terminal renovation nears completion

    PITTSTON, Pa. — Prime inc., a refrigerated, flatbed, tanker and logistics trucking company headquartered in Springfield, Mo., is nearing completion of a renovation project at the Plaza terminal here. “This renovation process began back in 2008,” Adam Landau, terminal manager, said. “Everyone...
  20. K

    prime inc.

    Hey everyone i have a question about prime inc. They offer a 600 per week option. or 12cpm for all miles you and your trainer drice. Am i better off just going with the 600