1. J

    Driver pay/recruitment

    I write about transportation and logistics for The Wall Street Journal, and I'm looking to talk with truckers about hiring, pay and recruitment/retention efforts. My focus is on drivers for truckload companies but other perspectives are also welcomed. Have you recently switched carriers in...
  2. Uncle Birchy

    Taking A New Job At The Same Place but Less Pay

    Possible Compromise. Instead of switching to Regional they offered me a position in the plant... They need a forklift driver , ocasionally work the packing line and some maintenence stuff. Drastic pay cut though only $13 an hour but same benefits package... Id still get to sleep in my own...
  3. TommyTrucker88

    Im A New Driver Starting A New Job For A New Company -- Need Some Advice!

    Hello fellas, I am a new truck driver, I have applied to a new company after my long interest in becoming a truck driver. I just graduated my cdl school that the company payed for if i stood with them for a year and i am very happy to have just received my new cdl licence in the mail a few days...
  4. H

    Finish school next week, please help!

    Hello everyone, My name is Hank Steiger, and I finish roadmaster trucking school next Friday if all goes well.... Werner and several other companies have came to the school and offered me a job before I'm even finished, however the best paying is TMC at $500 GROSS pay a week for 7 weeks!!! My...