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  1. 11western

    Looking to get back on the road

    Hi all, I'm looking to get back in a big truck, been 6.5 years about but I still have my CDL and med card. I currently drive for a company, useing a dually picking up various camping trailers, that has a dot number so I use a log book too, I've checked with a couple companys and so far JB Hunt...
  2. BigRigs

    What music keeps you on the road?

    Finding music that hauls ass is not that easy. I find instrumental rock the most effective in keeping me focused. What music keeps you on the road? Any specific tracks or artists you would like to share?
  3. Speedco

    Tools of the Road

    What tools do you make sure are always with you when you hit to the road?
  4. Speedco


    If you're on social media (Facebook and Twitter) use #ROADNATION to connect with other drivers. Share some stories, the latest joke you've heard, or whatever is buggin you this week on the road!

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