new job

  1. J

    CDL Class A or Class B Truck Drivers Needed: Nashville TN

    Looking for CDL Class A or Class B truck Driver in Nashville TN for a Moving & Storage company. Duties include Driving a Straight Truck with a Container. This will be a Local driving Job. Full-time position with benefits. Fresh CDL drivers from Driving school are hired. PLease send me your...
  2. LRod

    Standard agreement for O/O

    I am trying to help a new company, recruit some O/Os. They are not paying anything out of the ordinary that would make a trucker WANT to go work for them that I can see. they pay 75% (driver pays fuel with their fuel card for discount, and they pay 1/2 of the insurance) their 25% pays for other...
  3. Brad Harris

    What's Most Important To You When Looking At Benefits - New Job

    Just curious, When you're looking at all these web sites for jobs listing benefits/requirements, which ones stand out most to you? Pay, routes, home every night? Which ones do you not even care about?
  4. Chicubs22gs

    Safety / Driver Hiring?

    I'm starting a new carrier and not 100% sure where the best place to start is in terms of safety and hiring drivers. What are the cheapest steps to hire 5 long-haul company drivers? And also, what's the cheapest way to keep my carrier's safety standards up to par? Should I hire a consultant to...
  5. S

    New in Trucking. Flatbed options in North East

    Hello people. I just purchased 2 trucks and I have flatbeds. I'm interested to see if any of you guys know any night hauls with flatbeds or if anyone knows about any container or Dryvan hauls at night on the North East. I would really appreciate the help! Regards,
  6. wilkoh8390

    Choosing a company...

    Hey all, Husband is wanting to go into this field, but we are at a loss on what trucking company to go with. We live just north of Indianapolis also he is a veteran (12yrs) so that will help on cdl training costs for some companies I believe. We have been researching and reading reviews of...