need advice

  1. T

    Regarding New Short-haul/OTR Trucking Company

    Hi there, I currently work as a dispatcher at an Idaho based OTR trucking company and have become interested in starting my own trucking business. I am looking for any advice from the community - specifically from Owner Operators, truck drivers, or business owners regarding how a company...
  2. D

    Need advice

    Doc175 New Member I'm a lease purchase owner operator who is leased to USA truck. I wrecked my truck Thursday morning came around a blind curve and up a hill and on 70 w through Pennsylvania. Two trucks were in the break down lane I moved left, crested the hill and with no warning traffic...
  3. AZBL

    Considering Trucking, need advice

    I'm looking into getting into the local trucking business. I live in AZ and am actually about to finish up my Bachelors in Criminal Justice from ASU. Was gonna go do seasonal LE work for the NPS, which requires you to do multiple seasons before you are eligible for a permanent position. So...
  4. F

    Really need advice.

    Ok so my bf wanted me to get my cdl so that we could team ...oh and get married, but not anymore....wants me to solo now. I can't afford to pay for school so I'd have to sign a contract with a company to train me. And he thinks it would be good for me to learn on my own now. I'm worried about...