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    1998 Peterbilt 379 turn signal issue. HELP!

    I have a 98 Peterbilt 379. Left turn signal doesn't work, right one works fine and the 4ways work. LED everything for lights. I've checked grounds and tried 2 different flashers and put in a new turn signal switch, have a wiring diagram, following the diagram and according to the diagram there...
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    2012 Peterbilt light wiring NIGHTMARE!!!!!

    I have a 2012 Peterbilt 388 with a ISX 11.9. When you open the door the tail lights light up real dim, shut the door and the lights go out. If I turn on the key and shut the door, the lights stay on. Did some testing and found out its the turn signal wires that are getting power. They have 8 1/2...
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    Custom headlights

    Hey guys just thought I'd offer it here also. In my extra time when I'm not driving I do projector retrofits for trucks and also for passenger vehicles, if you are tired of poor lighting and and would like to have something different that will not require adding extra to you truck get in touch...