lease purchase

  1. T

    Lease Purchase Lease Purchase

    My advice to anyone whom is considering a lease purchase. STAY AWAY! There are to many people whom have tried and failed due to the companies being , or learn to be broke, and the only winners. I did two of lease purchases. I got lucky, and paid off both. This was many years ago. I hear thing's...
  2. Textrucker

    Lease Purchase How much money can you make with a lease purchase?

    I've been reading the pros and cons of a lease-purchase deal but I haven't really read how much money can a driver make? I'm sure it depends on your dispatcher and other factors. A prime recruiter told a friend of mine he can make $2200 per week. Lease payment insurance everything already out
  3. Joseph floyd

    Lease purchase driver

    Kinda new to becoming o/o. So I just wanted to talk to few successful, business minded, o/o to just talk with about the UPS/ downs of my business. My goal is to have me a small fleet someday, but like I said I'm kinda new to this. Been CO driver past 9 yrs. Any help?
  4. T

    The lease purchase program

    Greetings all! My husband is thinking about becoming an owner operator through the lease purchase program with Crete Carrier. Has anyone out there purchased a truck through Crete's lease purchase program or is in the process of a current lease? We're trying to get information through personal...
  5. Drifter McDuck

    Celadon Lease Purchase Info

    Orientation isn't too bad.... No pay but they do put you in a hotel and provide 3 meals a day. 2-3 days to complete that. Dealing with quality leasing is a bit of a pain.... If you go with a new truck you will be in and out relatively fast. If you go used, you may be there a few days waiting...
  6. Drifter McDuck

    Celadon Lease Purchase

    Does anyone have experience with celadon/eagle? I'm considering their lease purchase and would love to hear any pros or cons about their program.
  7. Uncle Birchy

    Lease Purchase Deals For DUMMIES

    GONNA be an OWNER OPERATER and get a NEW TRUCK that goes faster and I'm gonna look REALLY COOL in that shiny New Truck and make SIX FIGURES HA HA HA HA HA you are a gosh dang SUCKER if you buy ANY of That AVERAGE Rate of Pay 99 cents per mile to a $1.25 plus Fuel Surcharge so let's go buck 25...
  8. loke

    Quality Carriers Lease Purchase I'm nearing the completion of my second 52 week lease with ATS. I saw this add and was wondering if anyone is in the program?
  9. Combatdriver69

    American Central Transport (ACT) Lease Purchase Program Review

    I'm in a Lease purchase with American Central Transport. 2+ years now T660's/680's all with APU's O/O specked equip. I've been very successful here as well others have been. Currently there was 90 drivers paid their trucks off last year out of 145 lease trucks. I averaged 1.61 last year.
  10. stray dog

    Looking For A Good Lease Purchase Program

    Can anyone tell me if there is a good lease/purchase companies out there? I've been thinking about trying lease/purchase but all I hear is how bad the companies are.
  11. Trudger

    Avoid John Christner Trucking's Lease Purchase Program

    A lot has transpired since I told you about the new recruiting show that I planned on broadcasting as a spin-off of the Trucking with Trudger online show for truckers. First, my time at John Christner Trucking has been cut short. This was due to situations out of my control as well as the...
  12. L

    J.B. Hunt Lease Purchase Drivers

    If you have ever been involved with J.B. Hunt's Lease Purchase program your rights have probably been violated. Please let me know if you were involved in the last three years. I would like to talk to anyone out there.
  13. Sinister

    Questions about Sammons Lease Purchase...

    I'm not really considering a lease puchase deal again, but if I did need a plan B (and we should all have one) I was looking into Sammons a bit. The website is a bit vague on info so I have a few thousand questions. Let's start there. At 2:20, the guy says he's lease/purchased 3 trucks from...
  14. AsphaltRodeo

    Lease purchase - I'm CONFUSED!

    Don't flame me yet. I did go and read through some of the posts in here and I think my head is going to explode. Instead of answering my questions it just brought on MORE questions. (Call me stupid if you want. I blame the pregnancy hormones.) First off what the heck is a fleece? I thought it...
  15. MadNed

    Lease Purchase Program,or financing

    Hi everyone,im interested in lease purchase program,i know though is not the the best solution to own the truck coz of high interests but i don't see another solution.Can anybody tell me what company is the best for the lease purchase program,or financing a truck with the bad credit.Thanks
  16. wheeldeals

    Why would anyone do a lease purchase good or bad credit?

    I have read this part of the forum and all the horror stories of a lease purchase. With a payment of 300-800 a week for a lease purchase, plus insurance (Which most get through the carrier and pay twice what they normally would.). I don't understand why someone would willingly enter into one of...
  17. T

    whats the best place to lease purchase from if you have less than perfect credit

    Im tired of making money for the boss while I get peanuts and driving his junk truck that he only puts enough money into to keep it rolling.....Im looking for driver info about lease purchase programe from drivers thats dont it....thx everyone
  18. Mike

    Lease Purchase Is anybody here in what they would consider at good lease or lease purchase deal?

    I know we hear tons and tons of people talk about bad lease programs in the trucking industry, but I just wondered if anybody here has spent some time in a program that they might actually recommend to others. Myself, I am very skeptical of trucking company's lease purchase programs because...
  19. Mike

    Any J.B. Hunt Lease Purchase Drivers Here?

    I was reading over J.B. Hunts lease purchase program, or at least what information they have available online, and was wondering if we have any members or visitors that are in this program. Would like to here some first hand overviews of the program. On paper, it sounds pretty good. Looks like...