kenworth trucks

  1. Agron

    Kenworth shifting issues

    Hi, thank you for all these answers and your time. I have an issue with my kenworth t2000 2007 c15 twin turbo. I am having a hard time getting it out of the gear, usualy 5hi it's been a pain, but others are fine. Doesn't grind or anything just kind of doesn't wanna come out easy and when it...
  2. Doc Too

    W900 Kenworth manuals and schematics

    I posted parts questions in the Kenworth forum in a thread by KWPartsAndServiceGuy, but go no response. Does anyone know where I can get manuals and schematics for my 2000 W900 without spending an arm and a leg? I am particularly looking for the schematic of the battery/alternator/ammeter...
  3. Maria

    Kenworth T680 auction to support Truckers Against Trafficking

    A special Kenworth T680, which will be auctioned off to support Truckers Against Trafficking, will be on display this week (March 9-10) at Ritchie Bros. in Las Vegas. Called “Everyday Heroes,” the truck previously had been shown Feb. 27-March 2 in Nashville, Tenn. It also will be shown April...
  4. B

    Looking for info Canadian Kenworth info

    Greetings, I have come into an older Kenworth... we think it is a 1967 K921. When looking up the serial number I keep getting a page that says yo look in the Canadian numbers list, but can't seem to find it. I am wanting to get this back on the road and would like to clean it up. Windows were...
  5. D

    coolent in a 2007 kenworth with a acert c-15

    whats the correct type of coolent needed for my 2007 kenworth with a acert-c15
  6. Emily

    Kenworth enhancing day cabs, ending T660

    KIRKLAND, WA – Kenworth has unveiled several new and coming product enhancements, particularly to its lineup of day cabs, but has also announced that it will officially end production of the venerable T660. The company has sold 60,000 of that aerodynamic tractor since it was first introduced in...
  7. B

    Speedometer on my 1990 kenworth w900 isn't working. What could be wrong with it?

    Speedometer on my 1990 kenworth w900 isn't working. How can I fix it?
  8. C

    Kenworth exhaust squeaks

    Has anyone had problems with kenworth exhaust bushings squeaking on straight pipes. Seems like everytime they get wet, every little bump makes them squeak , any suggestions so be much appreciated . It's on a 2000 w900L with 7" straights
  9. H

    Kenworth T700 stereo

    I currently drive a Kenworth T700 and I was looking at adding a preamped subwoofer to this stereo. I know the T680's have them however im stuck with a T700. So far getting to the radio will be no problem however my qualcomm sits right above the stereo. The stereo is from Kenworth (at lease thats...
  10. Coronado Kid

    Kenworth T660 and Stepdeck

    Im looking into a kenworth t660 when I start driving a mid roof preferably and I want to pull stepdecks fontaine. can someone give me insight on these t660's and the cummins isx How the spacey is it fuel mileage just basics
  11. K

    kenworth k100 lights problem

    As i was drivin my k100 today my stereo started turning off nd on, then outta no wer it turned off nd smoke was coming out from inside dash... so i opened up the dash nd a relay looked smoked out with the wire goin to it..but i checked the relay nd it still works, but my lights on side nd rear...
  12. Coronado Kid

    1986 Kenworth T600

    UHH! I have a 1986 Kenworth t600 and I have a few questions about it. The first thing about it has no engine it has been blown and sitting I know I will need tires and probably a new tranny and to clean up the interior but Does anyone know an engine that can fit in it is their any particualar...
  13. K

    kenworth k100 air governor base

    I have a 77 k100c with a cummins big cam 3, wich the air governor base broke...ive been tryin to get a hold of one with that special kinda base wich makes it not be touching the fuel pump so it can fit good... and the normal air governors dont fit without the base..
  14. K

    Which truck should I buy? HINO 268A or Kenworth T270

    I am planning to get a non-CDL truck, 26,000 lb HINO 268A or Kenworth T270?
  15. Maria

    More than 100,000 Kenworth trucks recalled

    Eleven models of Kenworth trucks from 2011-2016 have been recalled due to a water leak in the wiper motor, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. More than 100,000 Kenworth trucks manufactured from November 2010 to April 2015 are affected. A recall investigation found...
  16. Coronado Kid

    Kenworth Vs Peterbilt

    Both Paccar Machines that everyone loves but my question for you guys is which truck from the 379 to the w900 do you think will last longer and which interior do you think is better and all other specs do you like about each truck My Favorite W900...
  17. Maria

    Kenworth T880 is ATD Commercial Truck of Year

    The Kenworth T880 vocational truck with the Paccar MX-13 engine has been named 2015 Commercial Truck of the Year by the American Truck Dealers. This year’s ATD Truck of the Year competition focused on the vocational and heavy haul/severe duty truck category. During the competition, a panel of...
  18. K

    Kenworth cabover steering wheel

    Hi goodevening , i have question idk if you could possibly help me out. I have a 77 kenworth k100 with the big white stock steering wheel.. I wanna put a 18 inch steering wheel on it but idk if it would change the the steering for the bad, by that i mean by turning the steering wheel more to...
  19. Daxaero

    Kenworth or Pete ?

    Saw this thing today at Karachi customs. Iranians seems to like US wheels..... they do Iran - EU states with these things
  20. A

    Need help with Kenworth

    Hello everyone if any of you have the documentation to the Kenworth K136? truck frame and double wheels. Interested in axle loads