1. K

    In need of help after nearly fatal accident

    Hi all, Our close family friend and long time driver, Alex, suffered a near fatal accident just a few weeks ago. A large log fell on his head when loading his truck at a Stamford, CT waste facility. He suffered a severe head laceration and suspected neck fracture and spinal chord injury. He has...
  2. G

    In need of a ride from lacrosse to Vegas

    Truck blew up and need a ride back home if anyone is able I got my truck in storage so will only have a bag
  3. C

    Florida Insurance Help

    To anyone that may be needing help finding insurance in florida, i recently found a good company called berkshire hathaway insurance, right now i'm paying 32,019 for 3 trucks 3 trailers 1 mil and 100k cargo. I saw some posts on people needing some help i figure this information would be useful...
  4. JessNichole

    Help? Lost BOL?!

    I was hoping someone would be able to answer what I can do if I misplaced a BOL for the load I am currently delivering? I made sure to take a picture of the BOL but I don't know if that will be ok since I cannot find the physical copy? Thanks in advance!
  5. S

    Newbie here looking for help for friend who wants to get his own truck and work for himself

    Hi Everyone, I am looking to get some honest info on what the best way to get started as an owner operator business for my friend. He has been working for a delivery company and unloads cases all day as well as drives..he does well but hes at a point where its too taxing on his body and is...
  6. Maria

    Smartphone app will help Iowa CDL applicants study for exams

    Iowa is faced with a CDL problem: Too many applicants are failing the exams. To address the issue, the Iowa Department of Transportation is teaming up with a technology company to develop a study app for future CDL holders. According to Mindi Nguyen, IDOT project manager, the state that ranks...
  7. F

    Looking for paper log help

    Looking for a easy to use software program for doing paper logs that will help generate miles.
  8. Gonzz_81_359

    I'm redoing all the airlines please help!!!!

    I have a 1981 359 400 big cam Cummins. I'm redoing all the airlines and would really appreciate if someone can help me find a Diagram. The previous owner started working on it and let it for dead. I really like this truck please let me know if you have any information. Thank you.