heavy haul

  1. rscelfo

    Other DOT Requirements

    Newbie Car Hauler Here! I have a Ford F350 hauling a 3-4 car hauler. I'm gonna be working on attaining my CDL but I figured I can start working in the southeast (not Texas) as long as I stay under 26,000 lbs. hauling 3 sedans max in an ultra light trailer. Working mostly in the state of...
  2. K

    5 axle power unit w/ 2 drop axles T660s

    I've stumbled upon an opportunity last week to run 3 T660's with 2 drop axles on the power units. The trucks are 2012 T660s with a total of 5 axles and a wheel base of 305 (I'll include a picture). They currently run grain from the field or farm to local elevators in SD but I will be trying to...
  3. Keendriver

    A Heavy Haulin' Grocery Hauler Goes Tanker Yankin'?!

    That's right B*tches.... I am now a gas hauler.:taunt: Well, an in training gas hauler. Just completed my first week with a trainer and I ain't caused any explosions. I'd say that qualifies as a success! A buddy of mine that worked with me pulling tampons and such quit about 4 months ago...
  4. bc13

    heavy haul?

    well yall im looking into getting into heavy haul jobs and don't know were to start ive put in a couple applications is there anything else I should do
  5. JoeTexUSA

    Howdy from Texas! Flatbed & Heavy Haul Trucking

    Howdy, from Northeast Texas. Moved from California to Texas over the summer because I love Heavy Haul trucking. Work with a great team of trucking professionals and have some unique and specialized trucks in our fleet of over a hundred different tractor and trailer configurations. I love the...
  6. Mike

    Record-breaking heavy haul load en route in Manitoba

    The heaviest loads ever hauled on provincial highways began a 90-mile trip in Manitoba on Sunday night, Nov. 4. Three 193-ton electrical transformers valued at more than $5 million each are being moved – in three trips – from the plant where they were made to a power substation outside...
  7. K

    US to Canada or Mexico Heavy Hauling questions

    What type of permits do i need to haul heavy equipment loads into Canada or Mexico? Anybody got any websites on this? Anybody done these loads?
  8. K

    Heavy Hauling question

    I got a load 60,000 lbs load coming up and the equipment doesn't run. What is my options getting on and off my rgn? Shipper (military) says I'm on my own loading and unloading.
  9. K

    Heavy Hauler new

    i am new to heavy hauling understand the permits and cargo securement open to comments and questions and advice
  10. Lisa

    Anyone heavy haul for wind energy?

    Thats what my DH hauls. He started hauling the windmill blades. Which I thought was amazing all in itself! He is now hauling the windmill bases. The base I got to see in person was 260,000 pounds hauled on a double snobble trailer. Very impressive!!! Anyone else out there hauling for the...
  11. K

    New here looking for advice on getting into specialized/ heavy haul..

    I've got three years otr hauling dry vans all over the great 48. I'd like to find out how to work my way into heavy haul. Anyone who can help, I'd appreciate any advice offered.
  12. terrylamar

    Securement for Heavy Haul

    Since most of you are avid readers of my post about moving up in Class at ATS, I have a question for you experienced HH drivers. What specialized equipment are you carrying on your truck? I have: 12) 5/16"x20" chains 4) 3/8"x20' chains 4) tarps, I have another 2 at home, plus a couple of...
  13. Maria

    Idaho braces for 100 heavy haul loads

    In Idaho, the state DOT has cleared the way for Exxon-Mobil to haul more than 100 ultra-heavy and oversized loads on the state’s highways. The loads are oil refinery equipment that was made in South Korea and is being shipped to the Kearl Oil Sands in Alberta, Canada. The DOT says the loads...
  14. krelithous

    heavy hauling

    just something for me to think about how long should i wait before i get into heavy hauling i won't be doing it within the first year thats crazy just wanted something to think about and opinions i might be ready for that challange ( one day ) not tomorrow i was thinking atleast 2 years.
  15. 2xR

    Heavy Haulers Needed.. No Experience Required...

    Notice the brakes on the tractor are locked... Yikes!! At least no one was crushed. How Not to Tow a Bulldozer*Video
  16. T

    Washington bills to alter state HOS rules, add heavy haul corridor

    Two bills of interest to truckers have been offered in Washington state that would make changes to hours-of-service rules and allow large trucks on more roadways in the state. More...