1. Mike

    Fuel Economy Tracking Fuel Economy - Fitzgerald Glider, 2015 T660, 13 speed, 3.42 rear axle ratio

    Engine built by Fitzgerald, not a factory reman. I started tracking the fuel economy in this truck when it was brand new, my goal at the time was to focus on fuel economy and get the truck up to 9mpg. I managed to track it the first 40k, and had an average of 7.41. This was with no real...
  2. Sinister

    Glider Pros and Cons

    Currently, Fitzgerald is running a special on 579 Petes. How they take a brand new truck and make it an old one to make it brand new again will make you go cross eyed, but they do it. Now keep in mind I'm getting these questions from a Facebook thread on Fitzgerald postings but: Is the trade...
  3. P

    New glider or refurbished Pete 379?

    Hello, was wondering what you guys thougjt if buying a new glider for around $120k-$140k vs buying a pre-egr Pete 379 and having it gine through front to back. Looking for a high reliability truck without spending $150k on a new truck that is probably going to break down on me anyways. I was...
  4. COtrucker82

    Glider kit trucks

    I am concidering to buy a glider truck from either Harisson or Fitzgerald,does someone have any experience with them?I was looking at Freightliner Cascadia or Coronado with 12.7 detroit S60 and 13speed.They have brand new ones comes with 3years and 300k warranty or used one with no warranty...
  5. Mike

    Heavy Truck Glider Kits and the EPA

    Lots of talk is out there, often inaccurate about the future of gliders. Here is a PDF from the EPA that spells out plans for the not so distant future. --------From the document------- The current regulations (which are being revised)...
  6. Mike

    Buying a Glider - T660 or Columbia?

    Barring any craziness, I will be putting in my order for a build of either a Freightliner Columbia, or a Kenworth T660 on Monday at Fitzgerald. As for simply picking out which truck I would rather drive, I would easily say T660. Ok, seriously, I would rather say w900, but that option has...
  7. Mike

    Schneider has several Gliders for sale if anybody is interested

    If anybody is looking into buying a used Glider, Schneider has several of their 2011 models at many of the terminals for sale. I had no idea that they were even running Gliders until I seen somebody posting their 30 day fuel economy average with the one they recently purchased, which was in...
  8. Coronado Kid

    Kustom Truck Glider Builds

    I have found them they sell all major epa98-06 engines they have cummins signature 600 and 3406 6nz and even more detriots and they have some nice trucks also
  9. Maria

    House amendment would exempt glider kits from EPA proposa

    By David Tanner, Land Line senior editor The recent release of the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed “Phase 2” environmental standards for heavy trucks and trailers has prompted a U.S. representative from Tennessee to file legislation that would make sure glider kits remain exempt...
  10. ScurvyDawg

    Any One Have A Glider Truck?

    Could use some feed back on gliders if anyone has some...Looking into trading my crap bucket truck for something a little less troublesome.
  11. Combatdriver69

    Rolling Gliders

    I have just purchased a 2015 Coronado with a 12.7 Detroit 500, 13 spd 3.42 w/over drive. 1650TQ. A).Does anyone have a similar one and what MPG's are they getting and what speeds. B). How often do you change your oil and what brand of oil are you using
  12. Copperhead

    Considerations when buying a Glider as opposed to a new emissions compliant truck

    It was a no-brainer for me to get a glider. I had already limited my operating area to roughly a 600 mile radius of the house, with only occasional forays outside of that limit. I can stay pretty busy, by the house a couple of times a week, off on weekends and holidays. The risk of the upper...
  13. Mike

    New Truck, Fitzgerald Glider, Keep the current truck, or buy an older used truck?

    This is the question I am asking myself right now, yesterday, tomorrow, and for the next few weeks.... I am not in any big hurry to make this move, as I still have some time left on my current lease purchase agreement. Doing well in the lease purchase, by the way, but it's coming up to the time...
  14. Copperhead

    Purchased a new 2013 Freightliner Glider kit from Harrison

    I just ordered a 2013 FL Columbia mid roof XT glider in late February from Harrison Truck Center in Iowa. 16 pages of spec sheets. Absolutely loaded to the gills. $110,000. Unlike Fitzgerald, Harrison is a full blown Freightliner dealer and we had access to the entire spec'ing program...
  15. K

    Glider Kits

    Anyone know if there is anymore glider kits for Kenworths.