1. TruckingBiker

    Garmin Dash Cam

    Been saving our fuel points for this dash cam that has been "coming soon" it seems forever. I tried another model but I gave it back because it just didn't seem to be all that user friendly. So I saved up enough points and started asking all the Pilots and J's if they got them in yet...
  2. 8

    POI files for Garmin.

    Tried to put this as a resource but won't let me upload a file. This zip file contains: TA Petro Loves Speedco BlueBeacon Walmart Supercenters Weigh Stations Flying J Pilot Bosselman Sapp Rest Areas
  3. vaportrail

    garmin dezl problems

    Anyone have problems keeping the car charger plugged in and charging to back of unit. Started today had to move the cord around to keep it charging??
  4. B

    Shoulda bought a Garmin!

    Authorities say fighter jets intercepted a private plane that veered off its flight plan near Charleston. The North American Aerospace Defense Command, or NORAD, dispatched the F-16 fighters Friday morning and escorted a four-seat Cessna 337 to Charleston Executive Airport. The pilot was...
  5. J

    Garmin DEZL560

    A few weeks ago I decided to bite the bullet and buy a DEZL560. I chose the 560 over other truck GPSs because of Garmin's reputation and the fact that I have another Garmin GPS (ZUMO 550). At first I was wondering if the screen would be big enough, but as it turns out its just about the right...
  6. 8

    Customize Garmin Dezl screen

    For those that don't know. You can customize your Garmin Dezl screen the way you like it. I have all my favorite icons on the main screen. You can also change the size of the icons also.
  7. Mike

    Garmin DEZL Trucker GPS Contest Has Started!

    Ok, folks, we are starting within and hour, and here is how the points will be added. (Remember, this is a free contest, and there is no official entry form required. You are automatically entered as a participant on the forum) Here is how you accumulate points Hottest Threads (most replies...
  8. Mike

    Garmin DEZL trucker GPS contest starts March 1st, 2012

    Here we go again.................. Beginning March 1st, we will be giving away a new Garmin DEZL truckers GPS. Contest res will be posted this week so get ready! As with previous contests, this one will run 1-2 months, depending on how we set the contest up. Depending on how the contest is...
  9. Mike

    The winner of our first Garmin Truck GPS Contest is..... RacerX69!

    Congratulations to RacerX69. Racer dominated both posting and thread creation. KickinChicken had the most referrals (3), so referrals really didn't factor into the contest. The top 5, in order, is below: RacerX69 (1735 points) Rubber Duck (1252 points) TerryLamar (960 points) KickinChicken...
  10. Mike

    The Truckers Forum Garmin Truckers GPS Contest - Starts August 1st, 2011

    Ladies and Gentlemen, and all the rest of you here at The Truckers Forum...... The Truckers Forum is holding a giveaway contest beginning August 1st, 2011. We will be giving away a Garmin DEZL 560 LT Trucking GPS to one lucky winner. The contest will run from August 1st, 2011 through August...
  11. Mike

    Upcoming Contest - Win a Garmin DEZL GPS!

    Looks like we lost the original thread about this, so here is another one to get the anticipation up ;) Garmin has donated a DEZL GPS unit for us to give away in a contest. We are currently waiting on the unit (supposed to ship to us this week), and we hope to get started at the beginning of...
  12. Sinister

    garmin nuvi 1300

    Just got it. I'm trudging through the owner manual I downloaded, and it's vague and covers several models. I'd like to use this thing to help me with my oversize load routes. Does anyone know an easy way to program turn by turn routes into this thing?
  13. A

    Garmin NUVI 1490T

    Hello guys.. I was looking at buying a new GPS navigator and after going through some reviews I have narrowed my choice down to Garmin NUVI 1490T. I found this at under a J and R Computer World deal for $279. It is fully loaded with full coverage maps for North America, bright 5"...
  14. ironmanwife

    Garmin for truckers

    Garmin is one of the biggest names in GPS navigation and the company has introduced a new GPS device for the biggest vehicles on the road -- 18-wheelers. Garmin's new nuvi 465T is a GPs device designed specifically for the needs of long haul truckers. The device supports multiple truck profiles...
  15. T

    question about GPS unit navigation sistem GARMIN,TOM TOM, ,or other

    I am a truck drver/new one / and need help and advise about how to find a GPS specifically designed with routes ,low clearance bridges,weigh stations for trucks. If anyone can help me with this I'll be grateful.Thanks in advance. Zlatin!

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