1. N

    99 Sierra, check engine light

    Hey there, Thought I might ask someone who definitely knows more than I do when it comes to truck repair. Vehicle: 1999 GMC Sierra 1500 5.6L. Problem(s): Check engine light... and trying to get it to pass smog. I went to Autozone and got the vehicle code readout from their doohickey. The...
  2. M

    Best built exhaust manifold?

    Have to replace exhaust manifold on a series 60 Detroit. Who makes the best one? Making sure I get one that will not be made cheap as in thin or bad reputation. Want a ceramic. Bully dog, full tilt.?
  3. mndriver

    Exhaust manifold teaser.....

    @Mike @JunkYardDog5958
  4. T

    Isx15 glowing exhaust manifold.

    Hello all, new to this forum. I've joined to have a question answered. I drive a 2015 Volvo with a isx15 set to 560hp and a 18 speed with 300k Kms. Two nights ago I had a max load(63,500Kg) and was pulling a %10 hill, towards the top I noticed it was smelling like I was doing a parked regen...
  5. Getfit Tommy

    We've exhausted the ELD subject...right?

    I've mentioned the "facial recognition" device to be stuck in your mug to tell you if you are too tired to drive, which I thought the ELD was already taking care of.... maybe I am misunderstanding... and the ELD does NOT tell you when to shut down... Now, Michigan gets a whole year to start...
  6. S

    Changing cab mounted exhaust

    I've purchased a 9400i with cab mounted exhaust and have looked tirelessly about this subject. Has anyone ever changed out the ridiculous exhaust system on one of these to a straight up 5 " inch exhaust. I've never seen such a mess of an exhaust system. Thanks
  7. Uncle Birchy

    Dangerously Exhausted But Can't Sleep

    I've literally been up since 1:30 this morning.... While my 14 is almost ran I usually get up an hour early because I need my coffee and take a dump before I roll... Anyways I'm parked at a Petro and All day Long I've been dreaming about the BBQ platter. .... Well I'm so exhausted I ain't...
  8. C

    Exhaust Gas pressure!

    I have a 2011 peterbilt 387 cummings isx. I just had the dpf filter baked, changed the egr cooler, the egr valve and the crankcase pressure filter. I am still getting the code exhaust gas pressure white smoke or steam and water is blowing out of the bottom and water is filling up in the...
  9. C

    Kenworth exhaust squeaks

    Has anyone had problems with kenworth exhaust bushings squeaking on straight pipes. Seems like everytime they get wet, every little bump makes them squeak , any suggestions so be much appreciated . It's on a 2000 w900L with 7" straights
  10. Pops65


    What is the benefit of running several feet of exhaust pipe straight back from turbo , and then a 360 degree elbow and back to muffler and out. Have seen on several trucks and don't understand the 360.
  11. hrlyrider

    dumping fuel in the exhaust

    i have an 09 isx 550 and am dumping fuel into the exhaust system.... gone through 3 turbos 2 egr coolers 1 injector and nobody can figure out where it is coming from!!!!!!!!!!!!!! any ideas
  12. D

    Exhaust Gas Pressure

    2010 387 Cummins ISX450 W/DPF system is showing active code "Exhaust Gas Pressure" "Data erratic, Intermittent, or incorrect. The exhaust gas pressure sensor is reading an erratic value at initial key-on. (Flash Code 2554)" Problem with that is the code only shows up after a lengthy "Cruise...
  13. S

    turbo exhaust leak sound

    Hi guys maybe someone has experienced this. Detroit 60 series. Underload about 25 lbs of boost turbo is making noise that sounds like an exaust leak. The harder you push it the louder it gets but goes away instantly if you slightly let up on the accelerator. Any help? Thanks
  14. 8

    Replacing exhaust manifold on Detroit

    My exhaust manifold has a crack in it for the second time in 6 years. I hear it's normal. The first time I had a shop replace it and watched. It looked very easy. I have a new one waiting for me at home. Any advise? I park my truck at my mechanics shop so if I get in trouble he can save me...
  15. Uncle Birchy

    APU Exhaust

    Why does APU exhaust run off the side Seems to me they could've found some way to run it through the smokestack It's almost as bad as parking next to one of those hot shot box trucks where the exhaust runs under the truck Maybe this guy just has a piece of crap API Nonetheless I've...
  16. Road Dust

    Diesel Engine Exhaust Classified As 'Carcinogenic To Humans'

    The U.N. health agency has classified diesel engine exhaust as carcinogenic to humans.The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), which is part of the World Health Organization (WHO), announced the re-classification on Tuesday, after a week-long meeting of international experts in...
  17. T

    9900 exhaust

    I just bought a 2004 9900i and was wondering where a good place to get 7 or 8 inch straight pipes is? All the places online that I found never have exhaust for international
  18. W

    Exhaust Stacks...What are they worth?

    I have a set of dual stacks with dual mufflers and heat guards with the mitered tips. I put new stacks on my truck so I'm trying to sell these. I want to get top dollar for them since my new ones cost sooo much. I'm not selling any of the underneath exhaust like flex pipe, etc, just from the...
  19. Maria

    Wakefield Canada introduces new diesel exhaust fluid

    TORONTO, Ont. -- Wakefield Canada has launched a new diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) product for trucks using selective catalytic reduction (SCR). H2Blu was on display for the first time at last week's ExpoCam trade show. Company officials say the new DEF is formulated with an emphasis on purity and...
  20. Flatbedpete

    Exhaust system for compliance all states

    Title 49: Transportation PART 393—PARTS AND ACCESSORIES NECESSARY FOR SAFE OPERATION Subpart G—Miscellaneous Parts and Accessories Browse Previous | Browse Next § 393.83 Exhaust systems. (a) Every motor vehicle having a device (other than as part of its cargo) capable of expelling...