exhaust manifold

  1. M

    Best built exhaust manifold?

    Have to replace exhaust manifold on a series 60 Detroit. Who makes the best one? Making sure I get one that will not be made cheap as in thin or bad reputation. Want a ceramic. Bully dog, full tilt.?
  2. mndriver

    Exhaust manifold teaser.....

    @Mike @JunkYardDog5958
  3. T

    Isx15 glowing exhaust manifold.

    Hello all, new to this forum. I've joined to have a question answered. I drive a 2015 Volvo with a isx15 set to 560hp and a 18 speed with 300k Kms. Two nights ago I had a max load(63,500Kg) and was pulling a %10 hill, towards the top I noticed it was smelling like I was doing a parked regen...
  4. 8

    Detroit Replacing exhaust manifold on Detroit

    My exhaust manifold has a crack in it for the second time in 6 years. I hear it's normal. The first time I had a shop replace it and watched. It looked very easy. I have a new one waiting for me at home. Any advise? I park my truck at my mechanics shop so if I get in trouble he can save me...