1. Kenlui420

    0/0's definition?

    Owner operator.
  2. Emily

    Insurer required to defend trucking company in fatal crash lawsuit

    A Missouri federal judge ruled on July 10 that an insurance company must defend a trucking company in a separate lawsuit involving a deceased trucker. The insurer argued that it wasn’t obligated to defend or indemnify because the deceased was an employee of the trucking company. However, U.S...
  3. Maria

    Pilot Flying J defendants ask for more time to ponder possible plea deals

    Eight defendants in a federal criminal court case against former executives of Pilot Flying J truck stop chain are asking for more time to decide on possible plea deals. According to court documents filed on behalf of defendants Mark Hazelwood, Scott Wombold, John Freeman, Vicki Borden, John...
  4. Caesar1967

    DPF Delete

    Before anyone thinks of getting a DPF delete it is only legal for OFF road like racing... It is Illegal on the interstate highways... Use on any Provincial / State and Federal Highways is a violation of the EPA Clean Air Act. The Clean Air Act can be found at Overview of the Clean Air Act and...
  5. D

    Want to know your opinion on DPFs

    Hey everyone, I'm a student working on developing a diesel particulate filter competitor, and I'm looking to get some of your opinions on how these things affect you guys. Things like: -How often do you have to replace them (if ever) -How much does it cost you to maintain these things (each...
  6. Maria

    Class action approved in case alleging C.R. England defrauded its student drivers

    A U.S. District Court judge in Utah granted certification to a nationwide class of truck drivers who allege fraud and other statutory claims against C.R. England. Judge Robert J. Shelby approved the class action lawsuit on Tuesday, Jan. 31, paving the way for a nationwide class that could...
  7. D

    Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs) (and a new model that is way better)

    Hey everyone, my name is Sean and I'm a masters student researching a new type of Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) and I was just trying to get some feedback from you guys on how this part of your truck affects you. How do DPFs affect you right now? Are they a hassle, or do you hardly think...
  8. Maria

    Delaware River Bridge closed indefinitely after engineers discover crack

    Truckers who plan to cross the Delaware River Bridge anytime soon will need to reroute. After discovering a significant crack in the bridge, New Jersey and Pennsylvania Turnpike officials have closed the bridge indefinitely until repairs have been made. On Jan. 20, engineers found a complete...
  9. R

    Volvo engines delete the DPF O/O trucks

    D 11, D13 - D16 DPF Delete kit. Anyone had any experiences with them? Looking at the ones by the OTR folks.
  10. 4

    Cascadia def gauge issue

    I filled my def tank up and about 150 miles it dropped to red saying empty. I made it to a Pilot to fill it back up and only held 1 gallon. I'm assuming sending unit issue. Or is this common?
  11. Uncle Birchy

    Part Of 465 In West Indy Shut Down Indefimatly After Truck Hits Bridge

    INDOT said a semi truck struck the U.S. 36/Rockville Road bridge, leaving debris from the bridge all over the road. Bridge inspectors were sent to the scene. Indiana State Police said drivers should expect major delays and didn't have a timeline for when the interstate would reopen. "Several"...
  12. Z

    Egr mass flow value too low mid

    Volvo 2009 d13 I got check light code egr mass flow too low mid
  13. Maria

    Mack's new powertrain underscores integration, fuel efficiency

    At a press conference in Las Vegas this week, Mack Trucks told members of the trucking press how its 2017 powertrain will reduce fuel consumption without sacrificing power. Jonathan Randall, Mack’s senior vice president of sales, said that is what customers want. Mack’s new powertrain is also...
  14. 2

    no defrosters

    2010 medium duty pete heater blower goes from floor todash but not to defrost aqny ideas where to look
  15. Injun

    Personal Conveyance Defined

    This article spells it out pretty clearly. It's a few hears old, but still relevant. http://m.truckinginfo.com/article/179629/when-can-driving-time-be-considered-off-duty-time ....and interpretations change all the time.
  16. B

    Question about def

    I have a 2016 cascadia in July the dealership had to replace a Doser valve it wouldn't let my truck regin I was down 1 day and half. Lights came on yesterday morning with eng diag 1 code that's the same code it had last time. My question is the light went out couple hours later and stayed off...
  17. T


    Fairly new to trucking. I've had to do 4 regens in the last day and a half. Do I need a new filter or is it just the truck? 285000 miles. 2014 International pro star
  18. PretecktPete

    Definition of predictive maintenance?

    What is everyones opinion on Predictive maintenance? Do you use this technology? If not, then why not?
  19. Maria

    Arkansas bridge closed indefinitely after dump truck strike

    By Greg Grisolano, Land Line associate editor Arkansas authorities say a bridge strike on the Ouachita River Bridge in Arkadelphia will send motorists on a 31-mile detour until repairs can be made. The Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department is still assessing the damage caused after...
  20. quillcom

    Does Def get used up faster.....

    In hot weather. What driving situation uses more def: high rpm/ downshifting/ etc ???