1. joseph1135

    E-Logs will keep you totally legal!!!

    Except they won't. The fact of the matter is, no matter what you put in a truck, there's going to be some tomfoolery to be had. Now, you won't have to drive over your allotted 11 hours and have to log your fuels, scales, blah blah blah. But I'm sure that everyone knows how the game is played...
  2. E

    ELD info.

    Hi everybody, I have been looking around for some info on what I need to have to be a O/O. Here is a question, how do you go about in getting the ELD sistem. Or who do you go to get it? This is just for starters. I have many more question thanks in advance. Johnny.
  3. Getfit Tommy

    ELD and DASHCAM poll results (so far) [link included]

    POLL update: What’s your most likely response to the ELD mandate? BTW, since this was just published, I imagine the numbers will change drastically... but you will still see consistency in the votes.... If'n you don't feel like reading it: 1) I'll retire and look for another line of work...
  4. Rodger

    Congress looking into ELD delay?

    A panel of lawmakers in the U.S. House on Monday issued a report advising the U.S. DOT to study whether a “full or targeted delay” of the federal electronic logging device mandate for small carriers, such as owner-operators, is warranted. The House Appropriations Committee, which is comprised...
  5. S

    ELD Devices

    Hey everyone, I am curious as to what type of ELD devices you are using? Do any ELD devices have temperature sensors built in to them for monitoring your freight? What do you like/dislike about ELD devices.
  6. Getfit Tommy

    Supreme Court says "screw off OOIDA" .. ELD lawsuit will NOT be heard....

    We all knew it anyway, but it appears that 'some' tried to do something. OOIDA wanted to use the constitution as it's whipping post. Supreme court said "Peace Out Foo's" Burger King America: "Have it your way" I'll still find MY way, regardless. Here's the linky dinky dink..... Supreme...
  7. Tazz

    No rate increase from ELD mandate

    Missing in action: ELDs’ impact on rates “Will the ELD mandate cause a capacity crunch soon? We don’t think so. Reality vs. hype,” says Stifel’s report, issued by economists David Ross and Bruce Chan. Once ELDs strap industry capacity, though, an economic upswing could prompt solid rate gains...
  8. R

    Crack in windshield on passenger side 18" long

    I got a hairline crack in my windshield on the passenger side 18 inches long from a passing truck kicking up a pebble. Driver side is ok. Is that legal? I want to know if i have to fix it today or wait till friday when i go on hometime. Its a freight shaker that has seperate glass for driver and...
  9. tinmover

    Hos bad for safety , money for ELD makers.

    STOP HOS rules.Go to 650 mile rule which would allow you to drive 50,60 or 70 and also allow you to pull over for heavy rain,fog and rest with out fear of running out of time. tired.Able to drive same miles before 10 hour reset. Would make trucking a lot safer. How many times do you have to...
  10. Injun

    Trucking Regulations: Washington State: Stiffer Handheld Electronics Law

    Effective date July 23, 2017. What drivers can and cannot do under Washington state’s new distracted-driving law
  11. Maria

    DOT waives right to oppose OOIDA's ELD petition to the Supreme Court

    On May 16, 2107, the Office of the U.S. Solicitor General informed Paul D. Cullen Sr., counsel for OOIDA, that the Department of Transportation had waived its right to file a brief in opposition to OOIDA’s petition to the U.S. Supreme Court to review the Association’s case on the electronic...
  12. Getfit Tommy

    Letter to the President ~ in regards to the ELD mandate (of course)

    Letter to Trump: Parking, 14-hour rule, congestion ever more urgent issues with ELDs I know you guys would rather I post up the letter instead of the link.... but it's a long one... BUT... worth the read ~ Read it, Homies
  13. W

    Beating the ELD - Cracking it ??? Can you

    Has anyone heard of or come up with a way/software/program to work around the ELD issues?? they are nothing more that a program that is running off information from the Jplug on the truck, so im sure someone has or can come up with something to plug into it that will allow you to "over ride" the...
  14. O

    ELD Poll - (trying this one again!)

    Hi everyone, I am really interested in hearing opinions on the upcoming ELDs and what impact they will have on owner operator and small fleet businesses - I want to understand whether they will be bad for business (and how bad)!
  15. O

    ELDs - Help please!

    Hi everyone, I am really interested in hearing opinions on the upcoming ELDs and what impact they will have on owner operator and small fleet businesses - I want to understand whether they will be bad for business (and how bad)! I would really appreciate if people would answer a few quick...
  16. Maria

    ELD public meeting maxed out; OOIDA calls for more space, meetings

    The public meeting on the electronic logging mandate to be held May 9 was met with such overwhelming response that it has a waiting list of potential attendees. That has prompted the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association to call on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to...
  17. Maria

    OOIDA takes ELD case to the U.S. Supreme Court

    Truckers’ rights under the Fourth Amendment are front and center in a petition from the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association asking the U.S. Supreme Court to review the Association’s case on the electronic logging mandate. OOIDA’s litigation counsel, the Cullen Law Firm, filed the...
  18. Maria

    FMCSA announces ELD public meeting on device specs

    A public meeting on electronic log technical specs is set for 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. on May 9 at the U.S. Department of Transportation in Washington, D.C. The notice announcing the meeting says the agency will discuss the technical specifications in the ELD final rule. The agency called the...
  19. Getfit Tommy

    OFFICIAL: Rest Period Flexibility Study (ELD)

    Source: Overdrive Online Link: Fixing the 14-hour rule: FMCSA moving closer to flexible sleeper-split pilot program Original Link: Navigating the trucking ‘tech bubble’: FMCSA reps outline ELD requirements, operation, edits for drivers at MATS Official: Kelly Regal, the Federal Motor...
  20. Uncle Birchy

    I Violated Hours Of Service & Falsified my Elogs and Getting Paid 4 it too

    Went home saturday got here early and punched in. Well turns out I was 23 minutes shy of a 34... So I did my usual check but I was off duty when i popped the hood and thumped my tires... Then while I was ON DUTY and PTI was drinking coffee and playing video games on my phone... I sure hope...